New Kelly Clarkson Album!! "My December"


Giu 2 2007, 20:35

Kelly Clarkson's third studio album "My December" will be released across Australian music retailers on Saturday 23rd June 2007.

Track listing

1. "Never Again"
2. "One Minute"
3. "Hole"
4. "Sober"
5. "Don't Waste Your Time"
6. "Judas"
7. "Haunted"
8. "Be Still"
9. "Maybe"
10. "How I Feel"
11. "Yeah"
12. "Can I Have a Kiss"
13. "Irvine" - 4:15
14. "Chivas" Hidden Track

First single from the album "Never Again" is now available for purchase on the iTunes Store

Click Link below to download it

Never Again iTunes Download


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