Two positively painful toplists


Set 16 2006, 9:14

This is my first attempt at compiling a toplist, that i had to split in half for two different situations.

This is the toplist for:
sitting on a cloudy beach with a broken arm and a broken heart, and some stolen victory panties in your pocket.

Who Killed Mr. Moonlight
2. Coxcomb Red
3. Please Please Please
4. Peach, Plum, Pear
5. Empty Cans
6. Ascension
7. First Time
8. Hurt
9. Bittersweet Symphony
10. Bombing Bastards
11. Oh My Love

This is the toplist for:
walking down a sunny boulevard with a newly aquired STD that hurts a lot, but wearing terribly expensive sunglasses anyway!!

1. El Pico
2. Chicago
3. Rebellion (Lies)
4. Strange Powers
5. Ghostwriter
6. Winters Love
7. Takeoff
8. Daylight
9. Ambulance
10. Mutilated Lips
11. Number of the Beast
12. Where Is My Mind
13. Waiting for the Miracle


  • Aenea

    Definitely ouch.

    Set 20 2006, 13:38
  • chim

    which one do you prefer? in terms of music and in terms of pain.....

    Set 29 2006, 13:57
  • Aenea

    In terms of music, I prefer the second one. In terms of pain, the first. Stolen panties > expensive sunglasses.

    Set 30 2006, 10:21
  • chim

    oh, i absolutely get your drift...

    Ott 1 2006, 9:51
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