Review: Zebrahead w/ MC Lars @ O2 Academy 2, Newcastle


Mar 28 2010, 21:41

Sat 27 Mar – Zebrahead, MC Lars, Orange

I had seen MC Lars' setlist on Punktastic before the gig and didn't think it was anything fantastic, but I kept an open mind. I was excited about the fact that he was playing with just a laptop and not a live band like the last few times I've seen him - I find his vocals are much more clear and audible when he's not being drowned out by live guitars and drums - and it was good... His choice of songs, however, was not so good if y'ask me. It looked something like this (order mightn't be spot on):

Where Ya Been Lars?
Space Game
Lars Attacks (new song he'd only played twice before apparently)
Generic Crunk Rap
Mr. Raven

Then some members of Zebrahead come out to do the rest of the songs with him...
White Kids Aren't Hyphy/Falling Apart [MC Lars/Zebrahead mash-up]
Download This Song
Hot Top is not Punk rock

I might've missed one or two there actually, but that's basically it. Just seemed like such a random set to play... would've liked to have seen Ahab, Signing Emo, iGeneration, This Gigantic Robot Kills and Guitar Hero Hero. So yeah, as much as I love Lars, it was all a bit disappointing.

Zebrahead were up next, and I don't really have a lot to say... they're 30+ year-old men who still amuse themselves with vagina jokes. It just all seemed a little more pathetic than it has done in the past tonight. Their setlist was pretty good to be honest - they know what the crowd like to hear - but their setlists are really samey every time you see them. I knew this beforehand, though - I only went along 'cause Lars was the support. I think their setlist changed a little every night but here are some songs they definitely played:

Hell Yeah!
Two Wrongs Dont Make A Right, But Three Rights Make A Left
Jag Off
Postcards From Hell
Into You
Oops!... I Did It Again
Hello Tommorow
Mental Health
Playmate Of The Year
Rescue Me
The Juggernauts (for which they got Orange, Lars, DJ, and some other people to join them on stage)
The Set-Up

Totally not in the right order I don't think, and I've missed a fair few out 'cause I don't really know songs from Playmate of the Year and Phoenix, but there you have it. I do like Zebrahead but it just seemed a little boring and predictable. During the first song we also had a midget mosh pit form next to us haha. Just a bunch of idiot 12-year-olds thinking they were hardcore as fuck :p. Fairly hilarious. One of them looked like a gnome!

Conclusion after this gig, however: I won't be paying to see Zebrahead again unless someone awesome is supporting.


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