• Bit more of the old stuff please!

    Mag 20 2007, 12:52

    Sat 19 May – Funeral for a Friend, The Receiving End of Sirens, Haunts

    The first support "The Haunts" weren't really my cup of tea. They weren't really anyone's cup of tea. Unfortunately the genre of music they played wasn't fitting with what most people came to see. Therefore I'll state that the boos and jeers they drew from the crowd were no reflection on their musical prowess.

    The crowd got into things a lot more with the next support "The Receiving End Of Sirens". Personally I was a bit disappointed with their sound and their song choices. The opener "The Evidence" didn't have the heavy guitar riffs that I thought it would have live and sounded a bit thin really. Their other songs sounded alright, but were all rather samey. Mixing it up with a song like "The Armistice" would have been a welcome break.

    When Funeral for A Friend finally came on, the crowd went wild (as expected). They opened with their new single "Into Oblivion" and went straight into "All The Rage". Everything about their performance was perfect. They interacted well with the crowd, the guitars never missed a note, the drums were loud and commanding and Matt Davies was pitch perfect (from what I could tell). The only complaint I would have is that they focused on their new album a little too much. Playing six out of the ten songs from an album released only last week is bad for the fans if you ask me. Give the new album time to grow on us! Also, songs from their EPs which they played last tour, such as "The Art of American Football" and "This Year's Most Open Heartbreak", did not feature at all. Whilst this was a bit disappointing, it didn't detract from the experience that much.