Fri 21 Dec – Jingle Bell Rock


Dic 22 2007, 8:07

Fri 21 Dec – Jingle Bell Rock
Didn't see The Riverboat Gamblers because I was fuckin waiting in line in the beer gardens... no big loss.

The Pennywise moshpit was ridiculous, sooo much fun... my arms will be killing me for days. Society and Bro Hymn absolutely welcomed me to lyfe.

Decided to stay back a bit for Rise Against... well worth it, thoroughly enjoyed them. The Good Left Undone stood out for me, along with hearing a couple of their older tracks.

All in all, one of the best concerts I've been to in recent memory.


  • FriesNCoke

    I think Bro Hymn made me tear up when I heard it last time they came. I'm assuming they ended their set with that song? They relly know how to put on a good rock show.

    Dic 23 2007, 22:38
  • chalms04

    Yes indeed, it was the perfect way to end a great set. You could feel the whole place blow up. They definitely put everything into it.

    Dic 24 2007, 8:42
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