My Top 5 Albums of 1990


Apr 12 2010, 20:18


5: TIE: Poison - Flesh & Blood / Slaughter - Stick It to Ya

I had to make these a tie because I tend to think of one when I think of the other. And I think they were both just as huge, and the videos were played a ton on MTV. Poison's Flesh & Blood included the singles "Unskinny Bop", "Something To Believe In", "Ride The Wind", "Life Goes On", and "(Flesh & Blood) Sacrifice". My personal favorites (other than "Something To Believe In" which I think is one of the best songs ever written) are the last two tracks: "Life Loves A Tragedy" and "Poor Boy Blues".
Stick It To Ya was Slaughter's debut, and their biggest, and in my opinion still their best album. It includes the singles "Up All Night", "Fly To The Angels", "Spend My Life" and "Mad About You". Other favorites of mine are "That's Not Enough", "Burnin' Bridges", "Desperately", and "Gave Me Your Heart". Anyone who was into these kinds of bands during this time has these in their collection, and if you're just discovering this type of music, check these out!

4: Garth Brooks - No Fences

Up to this point, I was not a very big fan of country music. I didn't hate it, but didn't love it either. I just sort of considered it my mom's music. Then Garth came along. I really think a lot of the current country music would not exist if it wasn't for this guy. He was really the first to make a country concert into a rock show. In fact, he was only the second artist I ever saw live (after New Kids on the Block). And today he's still one of my favorite performers. This was Garth's sophomore album and includes his biggest hit "Friends In Low Places", as well as "The Thunder Rolls", "Unanswered Prayers", and "Two of a Kind, Workin' On A Full House". If you get the remastered version or the box set, it comes with an extra track called "This Ain't Tennessee" which is great.

3: Cinderella - Heartbreak Station

Cinderella is probably best known for the hits off their first two albums, Night Songs and Long Cold Winter. But this is my favorite Cinderella album. It has a more bluesy sound to it than the other ones, and every single song is excellent. It includes the singles "Shelter Me", "The More Things Change", "Make Your Own Way" and the title track. The other tracks are just as good, if not better. My favorites are "Love's Got Me Doin' Time", "One for Rock & Roll", "Sick For The Cure" and "Dead Man's Road". If you like the more bluesy sounding rock and roll, this is for you!

2: Heart - Brigade

This was the year I became a Heart fan. And it was because of this album. I of course first heard the song "All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You" many many times on the radio. But it was the second single "I Didn't Want To Need You" that made me decide to buy this CD. I was hooked from then on, and Ann Wilson remains one of my idols. The third single, "Stranded" was sung by Nancy, and I also sang it in a high school talent show a couple years later. The final single, "Secret" didn't chart that well, but it happens to be my favorite track. Other greats (although they are all great) are "Fallen From Grace", "Wild Child", "I Love You", and "Under The Sky".

1: Warrant - Cherry Pie

My favorite Warrant album? Actually no, but it comes close. Still a perfect album. Most people probably only associate this band with the title track, and that's a shame. Although it is still a great song (don't deny it!), it's not my favorite. As Jani Lane has said, the album was finished and was to be called Uncle Tom's Cabin. But the record company wanted another song and he wrote "Cherry Pie". It became the title. But without that song, I still believe this would have been a huge album. The song "Uncle Tom's Cabin" is superb as well as the other singles "I Saw Red" and "Blind Faith". Other worthy tracks are "Mr. Rainmaker", "Song and Dance Man", and "Love In Stereo". If you dismiss this album, it's a shame.

Honorable mentions: Lita Ford - Stiletto, Nelson - After The Rain, Queensryche - Empire, Trixter - Trixter, Vixen - Rev It Up, Wilson Phillips - Wilson Phillips, Alice In Chains - Facelift, The Black Crowes - Shake Your Money Maker, Dwight Yoakam - If There Was A Way, Mariah Carey - Mariah Carey, Megadeth - Rust In Peace


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    Ha ha yes! I love Cherry Pie, and the food too :-p

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