A-Z of tracks


Mag 29 2007, 13:28

A: Ain't No Sunshine
This song is just soooooo pretty and this version by Gin Panic is my favourite ^_^

B: Be Like That
I just think that this song is completely amazing. I get shivers down my spine every time I hear it.

C: Cadillac
I can't believe how many amazing tracks I have beginning with "C", but I have to choose just one so it has to be this. It's just so fun and they're all so cute at this time. When I think of Mest, I think of videos and songs like this =]

D: Download This Song
Again, this was really difficult but it has to be this one if only for the sentiment. "You've been overcharging us for music for years and now we're just trying to find a fair balance"... plus it reminds me of driving round Florida with the volume up high.

E: Ex-Girlfriend
Too many No Doubt songs start with "E"! In the end, though, it had to be this one... reminds me of some seriously funny times and is, tbh, just one great song.

F: Fairy Tales and Castles
Tbh I just think that this song is amazing. Really pretty and sad and awesome ^_^ I can't actually explain why I love it so much.

G: Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon
I did discover this through Pulp Fiction, of course I did! But I fel in love with it right away and it's in my mind forever now. Seriously, I have to thank Quentin Tarantino for introducing me to lots of stuff, but especially this song.

H: Harder to Breathe
This may surprise some people, but in a contest between this and Harajuku Girls, this won. Why? Because it reminds me of being on a stage and laughing a lot.

I: I actually can't choose between I Don't Like Mondays and I Was A Teenage Armchair Honved Fan
I'm choosing both because let's face it, I'm never going to be able to make that decision.
Boomtown Rats just for this being an amazing song... Half Man Half Biscuit for this being one of my favourite songs by them and lyrical genius!

J: Jaded
It had to be Jaded. Even though listening to it now brings a tear to my eye =[

K: Kind of Perfect
This song is slow, pretty and subtle. I love it.

L: Ladies and Gentlemen
Soooooo, I wouldn't have probably ever heard this song if it wasn't for WWE. But that makes me love it even more. I just think that this song is pretty close to perfection.

M: Misery
What could get better than the beautiful voice of Pink combined with the vocal skillllllzzzzzzz of a certain Mr Tyler?

N: I'm choosing two again ^_^ No Good Deed and Normal Like You
The first is the song from Wicked that really gets me. It's the sheer desperation at the beginning turning through sorrow and anger... there's just so much emotion in this song. The second just reminds me of a good friend of mine...

O: On My Own
This song was always my favourite because I adore Eponine. It's especially good if it's the version by Lea Salonga.

P: Put Your Hands On My Shoulder
So I know what you're thinking... there's a reason it took me this long to put a Good Charlotte song. Because it's way too obvious to choose them ^_^ However, this song cannot escape! This song is, believe it or not, sheer genius. It is also the only song that is guaranteed to make me lol at every listen.

Q: Apparently I have no songs beginning with "Q". 0.o

R: Reden
I just adore this song. It's that simple.

S: Sexy Boy
This was honestly the most difficult letter of the lot. Shawn Michaels was chosen because I couldn't choose between the more "serious" songs and this song has me in hysterical laughter pretty much every time I hear it. I think I'm cute... I know I'm sexy... LOLZ!

T: This is not a love song (live)
This song is one of those that just can make my day seem a little bit better.

U: Übers Ende der Welt
Just because.

V: Voodoo Roller
Space have generally always been there when I think of lyrical genius. I can't believe that they were in such competitive letters 0.o hence them not being here before. But this time, their song wins hands down.

W: Wickeder
This is just so funny and clever and yay! XD

X: X Gonna Give It to Ya
Yep, you got me, this is the only track I have beginning with X.

Y: Your Revolution Is A Joke
I like the prettiness. Even though it makes me feel quite sad.
I feel I should also mention Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1, because it was a close thing.

Z: Zero to Hero
Ohhhhh yesssssssss. Disney! This reminds me of Guide camp and Charlotte blasting this out whilst dancing around a tent.


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