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Feb 22 2006, 20:08

Favourite listing from 5 to 6 minutes
(I’ll move into 30 second segments from now on)
The theme in the main appears to be “laid back” with some notable exceptions. I must be getting old!

Queen -Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s over played over hyped over copied and over the top… and yet the music is just so good its still on my playlist even though I remember well hearing it for the first time on its original release, a jaw dropping moment.

Mercury Rev – Holes. I was so impressed with this track I bought a few bits by this band, still like this best though. Well known for it’s Saw solo.

Mike Oldfield –First Excursion. Similar to the Instructions for Angels track I raved on about, this is Bedford on keyboards and Mike Oldfield on that stunning violin type electric guitar sound that he uses. I’m not sure if this is again a piece by Bedford with Mike guesting, but it is tucked away on a fairly rare release, originally the Boxed set that was brought out during the huge gap between Ommadawn and Incantations. Anyway can someone persuade Mike to do more like this!

Deep Purple – I got your number. I wasn’t much of a fan of the Bananas CD (well what a crap title for starters) but this one I liked instantly when they played it on the previous tour. It’s got a confusing bit time signature wise which is fun.

David Crosby - Yvette In English. I love it when Crosby does these really laid back tracks. I’ve just realised I don’t have the Joni Mitchell original of this track, something which is now downloading from Itunes! For some reason Crosbys album “Thousand Roads” got awful press, but I really like a lot of it.

Black Sabbath – Iron Man. This is a track that is just so ridiculous it ends up being good. What a riff! Hilarious

Steely Dan - Brooklyn (owes the charmer Under me). I think this might be the pared down version off one of those “Early Steely Dan” CD’s rather than the one off Can’t buy a Thrill. A great laid back song, God these people make it sound easy don’t they.

Murcof – Mes. I don’t listen to much music of this nature any more, but this sort of thing still catches me out.

David Coverdale - Love is blind. Coverdale brought out some great albums of soulful songs in the 90’s yet on tour still screamed his head off with the so called “Whitesnake” band of beautiful long haired yanks. Whitesnake without Bernie Marsden is a bit like Deep Purple without Ritchie Blackmore (oh, quite good then, dam).

Hughes Turner Project – Time and time again. More ex Deep purple stuff here. I was never a fan of Joe Lynn Turner, much more a fan of Glenn Hughes, but the Turner based songs from this band seemed to be the best. A really good song.

Keane – She has no time. A lovely slow melodic track from Hopes and Fears (I avoided saying it was laid back, on no, doh!)

Pink Floyd – Wish you were here. Nothing to add, it’s a really simple piece of music but it’s brilliant.

Aswad – Back to Africa. This is very early Aswan but is nice slow reggae rather than the jumpy stuff. I can’t say I understand really what they’re singing about, but I doubt they made Africa free by 1983, mores the pity.

Isley Brothers – Who’s that lady. Worth it for the bizarre long guitar solo which sounds like its played through a Woolworths fuzz box or something but has great energy. Somehow this track seems like a lot of fun.

Coldplay – Low. Another laid back affair, blimey I must get out more!

Crosby Stills Nash – The lee Shore. Even MORE laid back. This is one of my favourite tracks by CSN, wonderful harmonies.

U2 – Your blue room. U2 excel in doing these odd moody tracks, love it.

Rod Stewart - Do you think I'm sexy. Oh God I can’t believe I like this track, how embarrassing. I think I was pulled in by the N-Trance version and then ended up liking the original. As a young hard rocker I loathed this when it originally came out.

Stan Getz & Jiao Gilberto - The Girl From Panama. More laid back theme on this one. Just about everyone has covered this track (all the crooners do it) but this has to be the best.

Average White Band – Let’s go round again. Never mind about the Louise version, this is the original and only one you need! Ace.

Travis – Funny thing. I think this appeared on a Q or Moro CD years ago and I’ve always loved it, then suddenly Travis went huge. There’s some lovely grinding feedback guitar, only just controlled, which makes the song for me.

The Emperor - Ye entrancemperium. Funny, I used to think Black Sabbath was heavy and loud. This is so beserk, especially the vocals. I tried sounding this demonic but end up coughing and hurting my throat, how do they manage it? Can’t play this with the wife around though as it is simply too much. I guess the band and some of their fans treat this stuff far too seriously, but it’s great fun.

Kapsberger Passacaglia In D Minor From the “Fourteen Silver Strings” CD consisting of a repeating round in rensaisannce style, quite therapeutic (necessary after listening to The Emperor above)

Guns and Roses – Aint it fun. Not my favourite band when they hit it big time but I like this one, sort of anarchic. A young mans song certainly (but I can still listen to it and want to smash something up!)

Semisonic – Made to last. I think this is the only track I have by this outfit and it’s a guddun. Anyone know of anything else?


  • the O factor

    there's no 'The' before Emperor if you liked Ye Entracemperium, check out the track Inno A Satana... brilliant

    Feb 22 2006, 20:49
  • dsh1985

    The Rod Stewart song is good for its naffness!

    Feb 25 2006, 23:04
  • captainjjb

    thanks O factor I will try that out, when I can work myself up to playing another of their amazing tracks. You have to do a bit of training when you're my age y'know, try a bit of Motorhead first to get in the mood, etc.

    Mar 4 2006, 21:26
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