Weddoes in Nagoya - a gift from the gods


Mar 14 2009, 7:08

Wed 11 Mar – The Wedding Present

I was so excited about this concert that I didn’t sleep well the night before. At least, it wasn’t an ordinary one; it was my first chance to see The Wedding Present on a stage.
For people that live in Europe this might sound stupid but, for a Brazilian guy that never thought that this could happen someday, this is sort of “a gift from the gods”.
The place where the band played (TOKUZO), here in Nagoya (Japan), was quite small, what made this event more interesting yet. Only about 70 people around. When I got into, thought it was in the wrong place, because it looked more like a bar than a concert place, with tables and everything… but then I saw David Gedge walking among the people there.
I chat a little with him and, of course, asked for a picture and an autograph… he was really nice and kind. He also became curious about me being a Brazilian living in Japan. I asked if the Weddoes would play “Flying Saucer” during the concert and he just smile and replied “We’ll never know! Why?”… I told it was one of my favorites and he told me to keep an eye in the show.
Gedge is pretty cool, his performing at the stage was amazing, and his voice… what can I say about that?
They played the nicest songs, opening with “Kennedy”…
Here is the Set List:
-it’s for you
-Don’t Take Me Home Until I’m Drunk
-Blue Eyes
-Snake Eyes
-Sports Car
-Come Play With Me
-And When She Was Bad
-Interstate 5
-My Favourite Dress
-The thing I like best about him is his girlfriend
-Flying Saucer
-Boo Boo

The moments I loved most were when they performed “Blue Eyes”, “Snake Eyes”, “Dalliance” and of course “Flying Saucer”.
Before “Dalliance” he asked if there were someone from Brazil there… I just raised my hand and then he told that Brazilians were a very nice people but the football was kinda rubbish. I said “no it’s the best of the world” and he smiled saying “Yeah, we know that” concluding “This song is for you, it’s called Dalliance”. I was expecting “Flying Saucer”… and thought: “Dammed, they won’t play my favourite one… but then, after “Dare” I could hear the first accords of the song. I was so happy and Gedge looked at me and shacked his head like saying: “Enjoy it!”.
The best night of my life… just perfect!
God bless the Weddoes!
By the way, I did some pics and videos of the show and posted on my BLOG:

Here's one of my videos - Interstate 5

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