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Set 7 2009, 0:16

Top 15 - first heard, fell in love with, favourites

"Post your top fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, your favorite album and your current favorite song."

1. Little Boots
First heard: Stuck on Repeat
Fell in love with: Stuck on Repeat
Favorite album: Hands
Current favourite song: Remedy

2. Ladyhawke
First heard: My Delirium
Fell in love with: Magic
Favourite album: Ladyhawke
Current favourite song: Dusk Till Dawn

3. The Clik Clik
First heard: My Dunks
Fell in love with: I Can't Take You Anywhere
Favourite album: They never released one ="(
Current favourite song: Went to a party

4. The Ting Tings
First heard: That's Not My Name
Fell in love with: We Walk
Favourite album:We Started Nothing
Current favourite song: Happy Birthday

5. Lady Gaga
First heard: Just Dance
Fell in love with: Just Dance
Favourite album: The Fame
Current favourite song: Beautiful, Dirty, Rich

6. Hadouken!
First heard: That Boy That Girl
Fell in love with: That Boy That Girl
Favourite album: Music for an Accelerated Culture
Current favourite song: M.A.D.

7. Mindless Self Indulgence
First heard: Lights Out
Fell in love with: Get It Up
Favourite album: If
Current favourite song: Revenge

8. La Roux
First heard: Quicksand
Fell in love with: Tigerlily
Favourite album: La Roux
Current favourite song: Colourless Colour

9. CSS
First heard: Alala
Fell in love with: Meeting Paris Hilton
Favourite Album: Cansei De Ser Sexy
Current Favourite Song: Jager Yoga

10. Florence + the Machine
First heard: Kiss with a Fist
Fell in love with: Kiss with a Fist
Favourite album: Lungs
Current favourite song: Bird Song

11. The Killers
First heard: Mr. Brightside
Fell in love with: Mr. Brightside
Favourite album: Hot Fuss
Current favourite song: A Dustland Fairytale

12. No Doubt
First heard: Don't Speak
Fell in love with: Hella Good
Favourite album: Rock Steady
Current favourite song: Stand and Deliver

13. Fight Like Apes
First heard: I don't know! But I liked I'm Beginning to Think You Prefer Beverly Hills 90210 to Me
Fell in love with: Jake Summers
Favourite album: Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion
Current favourite song: Tie Me Up With Jackets

14. Enter Shikari
First heard: Stand Your Ground; This is Ancient Land
Fell in love with: Enter Shikari
Favourite album: Take To The Skies
Current favourite song: Havok A

15. Blondie
First heard: Maria
Fell in love with: Call Me
Favourite album: Greatest Hits: Sound & Vision
Current favourite song: Call Me



  • Lois_brown

    you must have been bored at 00:16 am ...but I may do one.... but not now =D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Set 7 2009, 11:41
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