Recommend me some good underground thrash....


Mar 3 2008, 1:14

I am running out of kickass thrash to look for, just cause I've been binging on ebay on a thrash kick.

I want lesser known names. I'm very familiar with the big names.

My thrash preferences are as follows:

I'm currently still looking for:
A couple Death Angel records, but they are expensive as fuck, so I doubt I'll be able to pick em up any time soon. Other than that I'm looking for Intruder and Atrophy records, which I plan to pick up soon. (Also looking for D.R.I., but I'm not looking for more crossover aside from this band.)

I don't like the following (also more, but I don't remember them):
Morbid Saint / Kreator / Sodom / Anthrax / Meliah Rage / Hexx / Nasty Savage / King's Evil

My likes can be found on my top 50 thrash threads, so it would be redundant to list them here. My recent purchases may help though:

Holy Terror - Mind Wars
Annihilator - Alice in Hell
Exhorder - The Law
Master (Rus) - With the Noose Around the Neck
Deceased - Supernatural Addiction
Tankard - Kings of Beer
Overkill - Fuck You and then Some

Also if you know any band that sounds remotely like Torture, havoc mass, Necrosis or Holy Terror--I would very much like to hear them.

Thank you all in advance. Your help is most appreciated.

PS And if you want to post something along the lines "All you need is Slayer", please don't.


  • lastrites

    Soulless, Skitzo, Carnivore, Acid Reign, Vicious Rumors, Wrath...uhhh I dunno, I think at this point I've probably already told you all the ones I know, lol

    Mar 5 2008, 23:08
  • caedes

    Excellent. This is just the sort of stuff I wanted. I will look into all of them.

    Mar 5 2008, 23:28
  • caedes

    Never Neverland is still quite good. I've not heard very much outside those first two, but I think there's a common consensus among most thrashers that everything else they've done pretty much sucks.

    Mar 11 2008, 14:18
  • winter_demon

    Uhh Blind Illusion?? You might know about them.

    Mar 12 2008, 9:51
  • caedes

    yes know them

    Mar 15 2008, 5:21
  • TyECOK

    -Acrophet - Faded Glory (yes, it is crossover, but it is pretty close to thrash) -Torture Squad - Pandemonium (Death-Thrash). Here's a song from it. -Nocturnal Breed - Fields Of Rot (Blackened Thrash-Speed) Plus some must-have stuff by bands you've heard already: -Lääz Rockit - Annihilation Principle -Infernäl Mäjesty - None Shall Defy -Razor - Violent Restitution And, here's a bonus question, have you ever heard Kreator's Coma of Souls?

    Mar 16 2008, 4:49
  • TyECOK

    Oh, and how could I possibly forget! :D -Toxik - World Circus -Toxik - Think This

    Mar 16 2008, 4:55
  • caedes

    Shit I kept hearing Torture Squad mentioned, but I thought they'd end up being something like Morbid Saint... But this stuff is pretty tight and jagged sounding. Kickass. Gotta get these guys... And are these Nocturnal Breed guys anything like Aura Noir or D666? (Will also check out Acrophet...) Yep. Am looking for those on ebay (except None Shall Defy--First press CD of that coming to me in the mail yay!) Also still looking for Toxik, but their stuff ends up being pretty expensive usually. Will prolly pick it up soon nevertheless though. Hmm... Come of Souls. What year was that? I haven't kept up with Kreator very well. I know I heard a whole bunch of their stuff, but I'd be damned if I know which was which.

    Mar 17 2008, 12:37
  • caedes

    Yeah man I got Iron Angel already. Awesome speed/thrash. And Living Death... is pretty damn decent. I dunno. I never made my mind about these guys before. Every song I've heard by them so far (which is like 3 or 4 in total) I like some parts, but not others. I don't know if I wanna buy any of their stuff.

    Mar 17 2008, 20:42
  • caedes

    Also, everyone who responded to this thread... you must check out Indestroy, for they are really fucking awesome and no one seems to know who they are. They sound like something of a cross between Iron Angel's Hellish Crossfire and something more thrashy... I dunno... maybe Annihilator's Alice in Hell. And raw as hell to boot.

    Mar 17 2008, 20:49
  • Doomrock

    For dirty, heavy stuff: Bulldozer (primarily IX and Neurodeliri), Cyclone, Evildead (w/Agent Steel members), Exumer On the more melodic side: Realm, Xentrix, Artch (more of a power metal band), Toxik (remove all glass from the room before listening to Toxik's World Circus) Also two quality bands that should have formed a partnership back in the day: Deadly Blessing and Blessed Death Happy hunting!

    Mar 18 2008, 22:15
  • TyECOK

    [b]caedes[/b] Yeah, TS are awesome and they are releasing a new album this April. Here's the song from it (was released as a 'single' with another song from the upcoming Hellbound). Have not heard neither Aura Noir, nor D666, so I have no clue. But you can go to downloads section on Nocturnal Breed's official site, they have some songs in there from their previous albums (these songs do not really sound as NB's latest stuff). Or just go to their gayspace and listen to the Wicked, Vicious and Violent and In Sickness and In Hell. Coma Of Souls is the only Kreator's album that I honestly enjoy. It's sort of Kreator's South Of Heaven (in terms of speed reduction) but a bit more technical. Here's a vid for the title track. [b]Doomrock[/b] Some good stuff, but Realm are pretty boring and not thrashy enough, IMHO.

    Mar 22 2008, 15:09
  • TyECOK

    P.S: BTW, congrats for getting None Shall Defy! That CD rules.

    Mar 22 2008, 15:11
  • caedes

    Thanks Doomrock. I'll check those out. I'm sure I've heard Exumer and Realm... but I don't remember them that well. ... TyECOK: D666 is not that essential, but you definitely gotta get around to listening some Aura Noir. It's the best blackened thrash I've ever heard. And yeah thanks I'll look into those. But I'm on a bit of a music hiatus until I pick up my paychecks back in Dartmouth.

    Mar 22 2008, 16:08
  • caedes

    Note to self: Buy Grinder... lots and lots of Grinder. Fucking hell these guys make Flotsam and Jetsam's first album look like third rate thrash.

    Mar 27 2008, 2:59
  • caedes

    From now on this is where I shall keep track of all things thrash. Carry on.

    Mar 27 2008, 3:00
  • TyECOK

    Hehe, some more stuff then: -Vendetta - Go And Live... Stay And Die & Brain Damage, high quality stuff. Probably one of the most interesting obscure German thrash bands I've heard yet. Their latest album is boring as hell (unless you like neo-thrash). -Hallows Eve - Monument & Death & Insanity, a crossover band, but a good one, pretty close to thrash too. -Nonexist - Deus Deceptor, I would call it melodic death-thrash, an interesting mix. The only negative aspect of it is the random usage of groove riffs here and there.

    Mar 30 2008, 17:08
  • caedes

    Excellent choices man. I've been looking for Vendetta and Hallows Eve for a while now. Both are dead on in terms of what type of bands I'm looking for. I'll check out NonExist then. (I'm not too opposed to some groove riffs here and there. There are a few bands that actually manage to incorporate them quite well. Most notably Autumn's End (not thrash though). )

    Mar 31 2008, 0:52
  • caedes

    Know both of those. Realm is okay, but Sabbat (UK) kicks serious ass. But thanks.

    Apr 15 2008, 0:12
  • caedes

    Thanks I'll check em out. And Vendetta is a'comin' in the mail. First press of Brain Damage. Now what I really, really need is Exumer. I listened to the songs on their myspace and I'm hooked to their style.

    Apr 22 2008, 22:03
  • caedes

    Thrash is never spam! Unless it poser-thrash. And I know *this* ain't poser-trash. Ergo there was no spam. Yeah of those, I got Intruder (awesome album, by the way, but I prefer A Higher Form of Killing), Indestroy (though not the S/T... how does that compare to the Senseless Theories EP?), Master (though not the s/t again... With Noose Around the Neck is topnotch Russian-rockish thrash... ), I'm already looking for Hobb's Angel of Death, Toxik, Forbidden, e-x-e, and Hallow's Eve. Now those that I have heard but didn't like: Meliah Rage, Gammacide... and I think maybe Mandator... though I might be confusing them with another band. The rest I will keep my eyes open. Thanks man! But I think I need to take a CD buying break, cause of the New England metal fest... (didn't even see the Waste... and Overkill never showed up. )

    Apr 28 2008, 2:42
  • Peccatorice

    you should get Hobbs' Angel Of Death - raw thrash from Australia. both albums are great, but i like more first.

    Mag 22 2008, 19:53
  • pateewack

    Here are some recommendations for you: Exorcist - Nightmare Theatre Amulance - Feel The Pain Airdash - Thank God It's Monday The Haunted - The Haunted Made Me Do It Baphomet - No Answers Ultimatum - Into The Pit Andralls - Force Against Mind Carnal Forge - Please...Die! Demonica - Demonstrous Evil Army - Evil Army get back with me on these...I got a whole lotta more...

    Dic 10 2011, 9:25
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