What I've Done!


Apr 7 2007, 0:05

Dude, that song ROCKS! I'm gonna go download it and listen to it over, and over, and well you get the idea. I'm totally excited and absolutely can not wait until their new album comes out! I LOVE the video, it is awesome! I'm totally loving the new song! Linkin Park never fails to amaze me!.....

What I've Done


  • lpgreatfan

    i like very much of the song, but i don't like the video, it's very realistic, i don't know...they should make another version of the video...

    Apr 8 2007, 22:12
  • squallyk

    dude. the realism is the whole point of the video.

    Apr 9 2007, 6:23
  • Greekness

    Hehehe glad you appreciate my all time fav band's new effort mate! We really must be music twins! Wow first GC now LP...impressive... *thumbsup*

    Mag 13 2007, 0:18
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