• 100,000 tracks

    Mag 17 2013, 15:38

    Not very accurate due to various scrobbling issues like an outdated flter, but more obscure than i expected:

    Last.FM Milestones1st track: (04 Dec 2007)
    Waltari - Move (remix -96)
    10000th track: (22 Aug 2008)
    New Model Army - 125 Mph
    20000th track: (06 Jan 2009)
    Dogzilla - Without You
    30000th track: (15 May 2009)
    Juliette and the Licks - Money in My Pocket
    40000th track: (20 Oct 2009)
    Big Giant Circles - Every Story Begins with a Name (Opening - Bombing Mission)
    50000th track: (31 Aug 2010)
    Bad English - Time Stood Still
    60000th track: (23 Feb 2011)
    Yerzmyey - Cub
    70000th track: (20 Jul 2011)
    Mindless Self Indulgence - Tornado
    80000th track: (02 Feb 2012)
    Renard - Theme of Corbin
    90000th track: (22 Aug 2012)
    John Norum - Someone Else Here
    100000th track: (17 May 2013)
    Game Theory - We Love You Carol and Alison
    Generated on 17 May 2013
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  • China's Censorship

    Ago 30 2011, 8:32

  • Yahweh (aka Jehovah)

    Gen 11 2011, 16:55

    Yahweh is a terrorist babykiller; he killed all firstborn of Egypt just to coerce the Pharaoh.
    Yeshua (aka Jesus) said disobedient children should die. (Matthew 15:4)
    Noah wished for Yahweh to annihilate all unbelievers because some wouldn't listen to his crazy talk. (Sura 71, verse 28.)

    Loving parents do not send off their children to be tortured to death (even abandoning them in spirit while they suffer).
    Loving, merciful parents do not torture people for all eternity in a lake of fire just for gathering sticks on Saturday.
  • Amsterdam shopping spree 4

    Apr 30 2010, 0:52

    Sex, drugs, and rock & roll!

  • ToneMatrix

    Mar 12 2010, 20:25

    I misclicked somewhere and found ToneMatrix. A simple sinewave synthesizer triggered by an ordinary 16step sequencer inspired by the Yamaha TENORI-ON.

    I can listen to repetitive stuff, as long as it's complex. My first pattern:

    reminds me of the GhostBusters theme.

    Tink is based on it, downloadable, and you can hack at the included wavs.

    In other news, i'm in too many groups.
  • Hemp: Fuel Food Fiber Medicine Industry

    Feb 26 2010, 22:51



    * Farming 6% of the continental U.S. acreage with biomass crops would provide all of America's energy needs.
    * Hemp is Earth's number-one biomass resource; it is capable of producing 10 tons per acre in four months.
    * Biomass can be converted to methane, methanol, or gasoline at a cost comparable to petroleum, and hemp is much better for the environment. Pyrolysis (charcoalizing), or biochemical composting are two methods of turning hemp into fuel.
    * Hemp can produce 10 times more methanol than corn.
    * Hemp fuel burns clean. Petroleum causes acid rain due to sulfur pollution.
    * The use of hemp fuel does not contribute to global warming.


    * Hemp seed can be pressed into a nutritious oil, which contains the highest amount of fatty acids in the plant kingdom. Essential oils are responsible for our immune system responses, and clear the arteries of cholesterol and plaque.
    * The byproduct of pressing the oil from hemp seed is high quality protein seed cake. It can be sprouted (malted) or ground and baked into cakes, breads, and casseroles. Hemp seed protein is one of mankind's finest, most complete and available-to-the-body vegetable proteins.
    * Hemp seed was the world's number one wild and domestic bird seed until the 1937 Marijuana prohibition law. Four million pounds of hemp seed for songbirds were sold at retail in the U.S. in 1937. Birds will pick hemp seeds out and eat them first from a pile of mixed seed. Birds in the wild live longer and breed more with hemp seed in their diet, using the oil for the feathers and their overall health.


    * Hemp is the oldest cultivated fiber plant in the world.
    * Low-THC fiber hemp varieties developed by the French and others have been available for over 20 years. It is impossible to get high from fiber hemp. Over 600,000 acres of hemp is grown worldwide with no drug misuse problem.
    * One acre of hemp can produce as much usable fiber as 4 acres of trees or two acres of cotton.
    * Trees cut down to make paper take 50 to 500 years to grow, while hemp can be cultivated in as little as 100 days and can yield 4 times more paper over a 20 year period.
    * Until 1883, from 75-90% of all paper in the world was made with cannabis hemp fiber including that for books, Bibles, maps, paper money, stocks and bonds, newspapers, etc.
    * Hemp paper is longer lasting than wood pulp, stronger, acid-free, and chlorine free. (Chlorine is estimated to cause up to 10% of all Cancers.)
    * Hemp paper can be recycled 7 times, wood pulp 4 times.
    * If the hemp pulp paper process reported by the USDA in 1916, were legal today it would soon replace 70% of all wood paper products.
    * Rag paper containing hemp fiber is the highest quality and longest lasting paper ever made. It can be torn when wet, but returns to its full strength when dry. Barring extreme conditions, rag paper remains stable for centuries.
    * Hemp particle board may be up to 2 times stronger than wood particleboard and holds nails better.
    * Hemp is softer, warmer, more water absorbent, has three times the tensile strength, and is many times more durable than cotton. Hemp production uses less chemicals than cotton.
    * From 70-90% of all rope, twine, and cordage was made from hemp until 1937.
    * A strong lustrous fiber; hemp withstands heat, mildew, insects, and is not damaged by light. Oil paintings on hemp and/or flax canvas have stayed in fine condition for centuries.


    * Deaths from marijuana use: 0
    * From 1842 through the 1880s, extremely strong marijuana (then known as cannabis extractums), hashish extracts, tinctures, and elixirs were routinely the second and third most-used medicines in America for humans (from birth through old age). These extracts were also used in veterinary medicine until the 1920s and longer.
    * For at least 3,000 years prior to 1842 widely varying marijuana extracts (bud, leaves, roots, etc.) were the most commonly used real medicines in the world for the majority of mankind's illnesses.
    * The U.S. Pharmacopoeia indicated cannabis should be used for treating such ailments as fatigue, fits of coughing, rheumatism, asthma, delirium tremens, migraine headaches, and the cramps and depressions associated with menstruation.
    * In this century, cannabis research has demonstrated therapeutic value and complete safety in the treatment of many health problems including asthma, glaucoma, nausea, tumors, epilepsy, infection, stress, migraines, anorexia, depression, rheumatism, arthritis, and possibly herpes.
    * Deaths from aspirin (U.S. per year): 180 - 1,000 +
    * Deaths from legal drugs (U.S. per year) at doses used for prevention, diagnosis, or therapy: 106,000


    * Almost any product that can be made from wood, cotton, or petroleum (including plastics) can be made from hemp. There are more than 25,000 known uses for hemp.
    * For thousands of years virtually all good paints and varnishes were made with hemp seed oil and/or linseed oil.
    * Hemp stems are 80% hurds (pulp by-product after the hemp fiber is removed from the plant). Hemp hurds are 77% cellulose - a primary chemical feed stock (industrial raw material) used in the production of chemicals, plastics, and fibers. Depending on which U.S. agricultural report is correct, an acre of full grown hemp plants can sustainably provide from four to 50 or even 100 times the cellulose found in cornstalks, kenaf, or sugar cane (the planet's next highest annual cellulose plants).
    * One acre of hemp produces as much cellulose fiber pulp as 4.1 acres of trees, making hemp a perfect material to replace trees for pressed board, particle board, and concrete construction molds.
    * Heating and compressing plant fibers can create practical, inexpensive, fire-resistant construction materials with excellent thermal and sound-insulating qualities. These strong plant fiber construction materials could replace dry wall and wood paneling. William B. Conde of Conde's Redwood Lumber, Inc. near Eugene, Oregon, in conjunction with Washington State University (1991-1993), has demonstrated the superior strength, flexibility, and economy of hemp composite building materials compared to wood fiber, even as beams.
    * Isochanvre, a rediscovered French building material made from hemp hurds mixed with lime petrifies into a mineral state and lasts for many centuries. Archeologists have found a bridge in the south of France from the Merovingian period (500-751 A.D.), built with this process.
    * Hemp has been used throughout history for carpet backing. Hemp fiber has potential in the manufacture of strong, rot resistant carpeting - eliminating the poisonous fumes of burning synthetic materials in a house or commercial fire, along with allergic reactions associated with new synthetic carpeting.
    * Plastic plumbing pipe (PVC pipes) can be manufactured using renewable hemp cellulose as the chemical feed stocks, replacing non-renewable coal or petroleum based chemical feed stocks.
    * In 1941 Henry Ford built a plastic car made of fiber from hemp and wheat straw. Hemp plastic is biodegradable, synthetic plastic is not.

    To which i add that methanol is poisonous; ethanol is better. And prohibition causes crime.
  • About Bamboo

    Feb 25 2010, 1:49

    # The Fastest growing woody plant on this planet.
    It grows one third faster than the fastest growing tree. Some species can grow up to 1 meter per day. One can almost "watch it grow". Size ranges from miniatures to towering culms of 60 meters or 180 feet.

    # Producing four to five time more bio-mass than trees felled for wood production.
    Bamboo is ready for harvesting within 3 to 5 years versus oak, cherry, maple and exquisite rain forest hardwoods, that in some cases, take more than 100 years to grow to maturity.

    # Bamboo is giant grass and Amazingly versatile with a short growth cycle.
    There are over 1000 species of bamboo on the earth. This diversity makes bamboo adaptable to many environments. Bamboo is capable of tolerating extremes in precipitation. The acceptable range or rainfall is from 30 to 250 inches of rain annually.

    # Bamboo is on of the strongest building materials in the World.
    Bamboo's tensile strength is 28,000 per square inch versus 23,000 for steel.

    # A critical element in the balance of oxygen/carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
    Bamboo is the fastest growing canopy for the re-greening of degraded areas. Bamboo generates more oxygen than the equivalent stand of trees.

    # A soil conservation tool.
    Bamboo has anti-erosion properties that create an effective watershed. The rhizomes stitch the soil together along fragile areas. First re-greening in Hiroshima after the atomic blast in 1945.

    # A critical element of the economy.
    Bamboo and its related industries already provide income, food and housing to over 2.2 billion people worldwide. There is a 3 - 5 years return on investment for a new bamboo plantation versus 8 - 10 years for rattan.

    # A renewable resource for agro forestry products.
    Bamboo is a high-yield renewable natural resource. Ply Bamboo is now being used for wall paneling, floor tiles. Bamboo pulp is used for paper making; briquettes and fuel. Bamboo can be used as a Raw material for housing construction and rebar for reinforced concrete beams.

    # An essential structural material in earthquake architecture.
    In Limon Costa Rica only the Bamboo houses from the National Bamboo Project stood after the violent earthquake of 1992.

  • Soundtrack Meme

    Gen 5 2010, 16:52

    So, here's how it works:
    1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
    2. Put it on shuffle
    3. Press play
    4. For every question, type the song that's playing
    5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
    6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool....because you're not!

    I'm listening to my shuffled Tuesday tag radio on Last.fm and am not pressing next.

    Opening Credits:
    Brainstorm - Worlds Are Comin' Through

    Waking Up:
    Nightwish - Walking in the Air

    First Day At School:
    Drowning Pool - Bodies

    Falling In Love:
    Chicago - If You Leave Me Now

    Fight Song:
    White Zombie - More Human Than Human (Meet Bambi in the King's Harem mix)

    Breaking Up:

    Imogen Heap - Candlelight

    Life's OK:
    Mercury Rain - Shadow's Scent

    Mental Breakdown:
    The Danse Society - Ambition

    Yasushi Ishii - World Without Logos

    Fight Like Apes - Accidental Wrong Hole

    Getting Back Together:
    Don McLean - Infinity

    Birth of Child:
    Kreator - Impossible Brutality

    Accept - Metal Heart

    Final Battle:
    Within Temptation - Say My Name

    Death Scene:
    Stone Temple Pilots - Down

    Funeral Song:
    Dissection - Where Dead Angels Lie
  • Happy New Year!

    Gen 3 2010, 1:01

  • Merry Xmas!

    Dic 25 2009, 11:50

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