• Paradise Lost şi Samael anulat.

    Feb 16 2010, 19:40

    Mon 15 Feb – Paradise Lost European Tour 2010

    Dar berea şi absinth-ul o fost bune.
  • Shuffle

    Mag 20 2006, 17:47

    I've started using the Shuffle / Random button a lot more than I used to do. It's probably because, even though I've got a lot of music I haven't listened to (and that will soon join the playlist), I find it hard to decide what to listen to next. And just shutting the player is no option, as I would probably find the silence very annoying or even instantly go to sleep :)...

    Moving on, the King Diamond concert this week was a great way to pass an otherwise boring evening and I had a lot of fun despite the fact that the sound itself was a bit low quality for such an artist (it's not how they played - I know they play well and they did this time as well - it's the way that specific show was organised or something like that).

    Hmmm... This is the first last.fm journal entry, yay :D.