Gig review - Marillion, HMV, Cambridge, 13/6/2007


Giu 22 2007, 12:11

Having been delayed somewhat by EasyJet and computers at Charles de Gaulle airport conspiring against me I didn't think I'd get to HMV in time to see the acoustic set but after a brisk walk into town from the Junction I made it with time to spare.

Some people stood to watch, some sat, some kneeled. I did a combination of the latter two and promptly lost all sense of feeling in my right foot but hey ho.

About 2m in front of us was a small stage where Steve H, Pete & Steve R would perform to us. I expected to hear stuff from the new album but it didn't quite happen like that.


See It Like A Baby
80 Days
The Answering Machine

This was the first time I'd heard See It Like A Baby played live and I have to say that I really preferred the acoustic version over the album version as it's never been a favourite of mine.

80 Days was a real surprise, again, it isn't one of my favourite tracks but it made a change to hear an acoustiv version after the full electric version at the fanclub weekend in February.

The Answering Machine is a track I enjoy live a lot more than on album, the track just works better played live.

It was very nice to see an acoustic set from Marillion, even it it was only 3 tracks.


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