80's Child


Dic 1 2007, 4:48

Growing up in Germany (Born in '72), I couldn't help myself but falling for the whole New Wave/Punk/Goth-thing. Parents and teachers just had to L O V E it... :)))

Been there, done that.... The music, the drugs, the festivals...

It was such an awesome time!

Along came the nineties....

I joined the army, the drugs changed, the music changed....

Then there was techno in all its glory....

Now go figure: How are you as an ordinary, feeble-mided human being supposed to deal with all that??

Well, I guess, the only remedy is an ever-growing, open-minded, eclectic, kind-of-crazy, music-collection............

Everything goes!

But still: 80's rule!

HUGZ to everyone who has been there and done that!

Smooches to everyone who hasn't been as fortunate!

I love you all!



  • RedjMusic

    yep...almost 41...been there too. agreed! :)

    Ott 15 2010, 23:37
  • energia

    ...almost 40.., grew up in Poland , so you can imagine : absolutely everything has changed since the 80s... Nevertheless - I miss those days.. Ich vermisse sie sehr..

    Nov 9 2010, 23:43
  • Namey

    I wish I'd born ten years earlier or so...and lived the eighties in full -

    Dic 4 2010, 21:25
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