Solos that never get the attention they deserve


Apr 12 2007, 2:26

When ever I come across a gem I'll add it here.

Drop It From The Top
Played by: Snowy White

The End
Played by: George Harrison with multiple guitar personas
John, Paul and George. (Thanks Oz)

When the Levee Breaks
Courtesy of Jimmy Page and his grudgy slide

You Don't Love Me
First solo by Duane, second by Dickey (I believe)

Don't Want You No More

Child in Time
It might be a pretty well known solo but it's amazing.

The End of the Game
Really just an incoherent, informal jam. Eerie, spine-tingling, goodness.

Graveyard Train
We're counting harmonica solos, too, right?

Spanish Castle Magic
Particularly the version on the box set.

Absolutely brilliant solos.

Ramblin' On My Mind
Simple but highly effective. One of those guitar solos that you feel in your soul.

No Woman No Cry
Played By: Peter Tosh Al Anderson

Two to add by Mike McCready:
Alive with Pearl Jam and Reach Down with Temple Of The Dog.
[edit] How could I forget Yellow Ledbetter(Live versions are phenomenal, as is the studio)

The Gumbo Variations
Frank Zappa

Summer Elegy
Damn. How I'd never heard this I'll never know.

Hey Jude
The late, great Duane Allman!


  • ozbeat

    Cool idea for a journal, The Beatles - The End is not only Harrison. It's Mcartney, Harrison and then Lennon repeated three times over.

    Apr 18 2007, 0:55
  • sonny58

    Frank Zappa

    Ott 6 2007, 2:11
  • Ulysses101

    Summer Elegy :'( What a fantastic piece of music... R.I.P. Rick

    Set 16 2008, 20:09
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