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Aug 11, 2007

What are your top 3 songs from your favorite artists? Mine keep changing but since I have nothing to do and it's relatively easy why not. It's pretty cool also because your music taste constantly changes as you listen to new music.

Ok Let's do this.


I'll start this by listing AFI. My top 3 have not changed since my last entry. I like this band but slowly they are straying away from making good punk. Basically, that's all I'm gonna say about them. haha.

1. The Leaving Song Pt. II
2. The Lost Souls
3. God Called In Sick Today

#2-Rise Against

Awesome band. Not much to say here as I like alot of their work and their last album was damn good.

1. Halfway There
2. Give It All
3. Chamber the Cartridge

#3-The Unseen

Another band that caught on for me. A new top 10 band for me; yeah, exciting times. Raw comin' at you beats with a voice that compliments this punk well.

1. Scream Out
2. Talking Bombs
3. On The Other Side

#4-System of a Down

Moving down a spot, nothing not to like I probably should start listening to them more. All classic songs here. "Lost in Holllywood" is catchy and addicting and wasn't a top 3 song the last time I did this. Since I live in the same state, there's a sentimental value of some sort.

1. Spiders
2. Chop Suey!
3. Lost In Hollywood


Goes from 3 to 5. Downfall will always be #1 since this band is no more for awhile now.

1. Downfall
2. Take It All
3. Figure 8


Down a spot from 5 to 6. Adema is just like their album title "unstable" and that they are not stable. Since the band has changed (to a different genre) who knows how long they will still be on my top 10 for.

1. The Way You Like It
2. Blow It Away
3. Trust

#7-Red Hot Chili Peppers

These are great songs. There are so many good songs but to me these classify as 'great'. If you've been in a bubble or don't listen to the peppers check 'em out.

1. Parallel Universe
2. Otherside
3. Save the Population


A new band on the list but unfortunately the band is no more. These songs are epic and are worth a listen.

1. Negative Space
2. Fallback
3. Play God

#9-Depeche Mode

DM moves from 6 to 9. This is obviously the toughest group in my list to pull just 3 songs. "It's No Good", probably will always be my #1 track of theirs.

1. It's No Good
2. Never Let Me Down Again
3. Precious

#10-The Offspring

Since I barely listen to these guys it's a surprise they're still in the 10 spot.

1. Self Esteem
2. Can't Repeat
3. Gotta get away

Please participate. I'll be honest it took me some time. :P


  • morti-viventi

    I remember I wanted to do this, but I forgot your screen name. I found it by googling hand banana afi I actually started it last month but then gave up. Since the charts on my page are the rolling 3-month charts, they change much more drastically than the overall charts do. Unfortunately they're only updated once a month. I wish they updated more often but I still prefer them over the overall charts. Anyway, I'm using those. [align=center]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[/align] #1 AFI Last month my #1 was Queens Of The Stone Age. I think AFI were 7th or something like that. Picking a top 3 is hard for this band. It changes constantly. Along with the other artists, it's easier to think of the current top 3 rather than the overall top 3. 1. Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings) (demo) 2. No Poetic Device 3. 3 1/2 [align=center]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[/align] #2 Vitalic This guy was either my 2nd or 3rd last month. He's kind of a new discovery and he's shot quickly up the charts. It's really nice warm analog electro. He's got one full length and a live album out. 1. Bells (feat. Linda Lamb) 2. Trahison 3. Repair Machines [align=center]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[/align] #3 Blaqk Audio I'm kind of surprised by their inclusion. Overall I wasn't very impressed with this project. Jade's beats come off as the product of some 15 year old jackoff with fruity loops. Actually, I can recognize most of the sounds as they come standard on most Roland products (even the footsteps in Love Like Winter is a Roland factory default patch). To the average BA enthusiast, who are mostly not lovers of electronica but impossible AFI fanatics, Jade's music is praised as genius. An ear well-trained on electronica (and even hip hop) recognizes his laziness and lack of originality immediately. Using default patches makes you a laughing stalk in the electronica community. There are artists that build their own synthesizers for christ's sake. To their credit, behind those sounds, there is solid songwriting. And Davey sounds great. If he won't scream for us anymore, my hope is at least that J[img][/img] stays far away from any of AFI's future ventures and we get a Davey that actually sounds like a Davey. 1. Semiotic Love 2. Cities Of Night 3. The Love Letter [align=center]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[/align] #4 Queens of the Stone Age A great band boasting a massive family tree of even more great bands. QOTSA is definitely the hardest band to fill this out fer. I feel bad filling the top 2 spots with [i]Era Vulgaris[/i] tracks, but it just came out in the summer and I really dig it. It might be easier to pick a favorite song from each album rather than just 3 out of their whole catalog. 1. Sick Sick Sick 2. 3's & 7's 3. You Can't Quit Me, Baby [align=center]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[/align] #5 Sabertooth Zombie They didn't make the top ten cut last month and that pissed me off. Glad to see them here. Great *NEW* hardcore from the currently flourishing North Berkeley scene. Their double EP 10 [i]Dance/The Prisoner[/i] came out Nov. 20. It's not as crazy as their 2006 full length [i]Midnight Venom[/i] and sounds more like Ceremony (as bands they're like BFFFLs--[b]B[/b]est [b]F[/b]riends [b]F[/b]orever [b]F[/b]or [b]L[/b]ife--so it's understandable), but it's still fucking awesome. Not to mention on qual vinyl for once. Everyone who puts out vinyl these days seems to put it out to be looked at, not to be listened to. So all these hardcore/punk bands have releases incorrectly mastered and on that crap-ass recycled plastic asscrap. [i]The Dungeon Sessions[/i] split with Life Long Tragedy has awesome songs on it (with sweet-ass cowbell!) but because it's on crap-ass multi-colored recycled asscrap, it blows dogs for quarters. That was more fun if you were aware of this. 1. Black of Mouth 2. Verbal Documentation of a Young Suburban Hero (Lady Death Pt. II) 3. Of Fear And Peace [align=center]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[/align] #6 Frédéric Chopin This guy is my favorite composer of all time. I don't think he's the best composer of all time, but he's my favorite. Maybe the best composer for piano of all time. I've learned all his Nocturnes and Preludes, but there's still much more material of his to conquer. 1. Nocturne No. 2 in D Flat Major, Op. 27 2. Nocturne No. 1 in E Minor, Op. 72 3. Prelude No. 16 in B Flat Minor, Op. 28 [align=center]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[/align] #7 Th' Legendary Shack*Shakers I should have something interesting to say about this band, but I'm too lazy to. That guy, the singer guy, is J.D. Wilkes. And. woah. My browser has spell check so Wilkes and woah have red-dotted underlines. Go away. Wot was I gonna say? Oh yeah, since there aren't really any track previews here, you can listen @ their myspace or website or their label's website. 1. The Deadenin' 2. Swampblood 3. Born Again Again [align=center]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[/align] #8 Comets On Fire Probably one of my favorite bands at the moment. Duh, they're in my top ten. I wish there was more music out there like their first two albums, but the closest I've been able to find is some stuff by Boris. Basically I want something psychedelic, but not like the Austin Powers soundtrack. I want something uptempo (or blazin' as this guy says), heavy, effects-heavy, not shoegaze (I like shoegaze but I'm not looking for more of it), not metal (same as I said about shoegaze), with an emphasis on song structure. None of that drugged-out musical meandering. I hate that crap. I hate jam bands and I hate jazz fusion. I love improvisation as long as it's melodic. Anyone can pick up an instrument and make a noise with it. True genius lies in those who can craft beautiful melodies or use music to create a world far from our unsightly and dreary own, [i][b][color=black]without the use of drugs[/color][/i][/b], a spiritual crutch. 1. Blue Tomb 2. Graverobbers 3. The Swallow's Eye [align=center]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[/align] #9 Two Gallants Actually tied for 8th w/ Comets On Fire. None off their first record, because I've never gotten around to hearing it. BLASPHEMY! Wait, none off the second either. BLASPHEMY! again. I put their 3rd full length, the s/t, in my best of '07 and was chastised. Apparently it's terrible and I'm just deaf. I disagree. There are weak spots on the album, but the high points are enough to overcome them. My mother even likes it! But that's not necessarily proof that it's good. 1. Reflections of the Marionette 2. Fly Low Carrion Crow 3. Seems Like Home to Me [align=center]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[/align] #10 The Misfits Always a favorite, but intermediately so. My guess is they earned the #10 spot because of Halloween. 1. Astro Zombies 2. Bullet 3. Green Hell [align=center]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[/align] gahhhhhh why the fuck isn't Big Business in there?! Oh god, they're #12. FUCK FUCK FUCK. not a big deal but IT IS SUCH A BIG DEAL! they're tasty like a testosterone milkshake. damnit.

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