mac os x users: test my widget!


Gen 17 2007, 11:20

Note: the widget described here has a newer/better version now. You can get a description of this newer version in the group dedicated to the widget.

The dashboard widget is the fastest way to keep an eye on your userpage without beeing distracted. Just check out your dashboard and you’re done!

The current version is 0.3. This version is still a bit buggy, and many improvements have to been done, but it still allows you to get up to 3 shouts on everybody’s shoutbox. You can download it for free here.

* secretly spies from 1 to 3 shouts from an user’s shoutbox,
* displays the shout sender's username, his status (user, subscriber or staff member), the message’s date and the shout itself,
* stay tuned and grab the latest version when avaible with the build-in update thingy. You can't miss it.


Known bugs
I'm aware that...
* the links to userpages are broken
* it sometimes gets stuck at the “got the data, now fetching” (due to a weird bug with shouts with weird page breaks) — I'm working on it.

Development discussion
I’ve created a group on Please join so I can keep track on how many people are interrested by my widget, and we will be able to talk about that (features, bug squash parties, etc).

To do...
* code clean-up, make it less heavy
* display the shouts more elegantly
* display the shout sender's avatar
* display more than the last 3 shouts in a nice arrowlist
* also, for subscribers, display the last users who came on your page


  • Damaged

    Very cool. I like the Recent Visitors idea.

    Gen 17 2007, 20:09
  • Anrky

    I like the idea... i'd love it combined with the current last played widget...

    Gen 17 2007, 20:31
  • bradley_python

    Thanks for your comments guys! The recent visitors thingy shouldn't be to hard to program now, it should be avaible very soon — getting the visitors is almost the same thing that getting the shouts. This feature will be more bandwith and time consuming since I'll have to load the whole userpage (there is no webservice to grab shoutboxes and recent visitors). The recently played tracks integrated? Dunno yet, I don't want to make the widget too big (in term of screen space). I'll maybe make it as an option. Or as a drawer you can pull, we'll see :)

    Gen 18 2007, 0:59
  • snooginsbl

    I'm encountering the got the data bug. Is there any way that I can fix it? Should I try reinstalling it?

    Gen 18 2007, 6:28
  • bradley_python

    [quote]I'm encountering the got the data bug. Is there any way that I can fix it? Should I try reinstalling it?[/quote] Hey, thanks trying my stuff :) Huh is the widget really stuck? I mean, can't you click on the little [i]i[/i] in the back right to flip to the back? Typically, this bug it's due to a weird shout in your shoutbox (ie. a shout containing a page break character I can't escape). I'm trying to squash that bug, but I haven't found it yet. So in the meanwhile, if you can flip the widget (you can usually), set the numbers of shouts to a smaller amont (1 or 2) to avoid the widget loading the buggy shout. -- Also, version 0.2 avaible, adding new features, correcting some bugs and adding some others! Your widget should have warned you by an orange star on the top left.

    Gen 18 2007, 11:31
  • bradley_python

    I just released the version 0.3, which corrects the got the data bug, among others.

    Gen 19 2007, 1:37
  • bradley_python

    Oh! Thanks a lot! Spread the word! ;)

    Gen 19 2007, 22:09
  • Anrky

    Looking real good real quick... 0.4 seems to run perfectly now...

    Gen 20 2007, 20:23
  • bradley_python

    Thanks! You're right, next versions will be minor fixes, design improvements or... new features! I'm still planning to add that recent visitors thingy for subscribers, but it's a bit more tricky...

    Gen 20 2007, 21:26
  • doudoutzy

    I came accross it couple of hours ago, and beleive me when i tell you... i can't let go of it!!!!!!!! I'm just trying to figure out what's what? what's SHOUT BOX? Why does work smoothly to suddenly stop and backfire! I'm a MacBook Pro user so i guess i'll figure it out eventually. Anyway, i Thank you for your talent... Doudou la vie est belle, garde le sourire...

    Apr 30 2007, 7:50
  • bradley_python

    Heh thanks! My widget is useful only when you have a shoutbox on your userpage though! You can activate it here. (un-tick disable shoutbox on user page) :P

    Mag 2 2007, 16:40
  • djliquiduk

    this is going to be the first widget what i will install on my mac as soon as i will have it. hopefully on monday. :) keep it up! ;)

    Nov 1 2007, 0:35
  • wogyac

    ohh that's really great .. nicely done.

    Giu 4 2008, 19:36
  • ayigbeboy

    500 Internal Server Error when i tried to get widget :-(

    Gen 24 2009, 12:49
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