Kent - The 20 greatest songs


Mar 19 2012, 17:52

Kent. A group of professional tweeters in their early 40's, hailing from Eskilstuna, Sweden. When they're not busy tweeting about champagne, strawberries, spa treatments and life's other joys they write and perform moody and melodic pop music. Here are some of their better songs (some of them even from before their Twitter-days!).

1. Utan dina andetag
- One of those songs that never ever will lose it's power or importance or relevance.

2. Glider
- Desolate, romantic, haunting, beautiful... It's been ten years since I first heard it and I have never stopped loving it.

3. Ansgar & Evelyne
- I have no words for this one. Why it isn't at the no. 1 spot, I can not say...

4. Innan allting tar slut
- My very first favourite Kent-song. Still relevant. Now what does that say?

5. Din skugga
- Their 1997 is almost too good to believe.. Mine was pretty much ok, no more, but probably less.

6. Mannen i den vita hatten (16 år senare)
- Epic. Immortal. In 100 years time, people will still be singing this one.

7. Ensammast I Sverige
- No one in the 21st century makes moodier or more epic album closers than Kent.

8. Månadens erbjudande
- "Absurd, heathen, deviant"! I hear the hordes of Kent-purists outside cry out. I'm not getting out of this alive...

9. Vintervila
- I have fond memories of the time I discovered this song. It's a long time ago now, a different life, in a different galaxy, yet I still feel the same...

10. Längesen vi sågs
- There'll come a day when this song is too poignant to bear. But until then...

11. Det kanske kommer en förändring
- A warm spring day, by the sea... They should make an entire album like this one.

12. Du är ånga
- Should be higher up. I blame my scattered mind... A song that always puts me in a certain mood. Wistful, yet hopeful.

13. Alla Mot Alla
- Winter. Confusion.

14. Livräddaren
- A darkness.. Pulls you in.

15. Romeo återvänder ensam
- Jag lämnar inga fotspår ens i sand...

16. Chans
- Another one that should be higher up... A song that could tear me apart given half the chance...

17. Välgärningar och illdåd
- Rädda mig, gör mig ung.

18. Du var min armé
- I sometimes wonder if I ever got out of that period, that era, that life, alive..

19. Kevlarsjäl
- Now this is just perverse. What on earth is this doing at no. 19? I will have no part of this.

20. FF
- Their pop-masterpiece? Perhaps. Definitely their best french number, in any case.

Now, I shall go back to sleep and dream of murder and mayhem. And wake up a changed man.


  • Irryco

    Lovely list and lovely (and funny) comments! I kinda miss stoppa mig juni and berg&dalvana though. ; )

    Mar 19 2012, 19:11
  • borntohang

    Thank you, dear person and companion. Yes, Stoppa Mig does deserve a spot on the list. I might be able to squeeze it in alongside Kevlarsjäl, if not physically than at least in spirit. Do you think it will do? Do you think I will be able to live with myself? (Now now, don't laugh. It COULD happen!)

    Mar 19 2012, 20:36
  • Smavitaljus

    Nice journal entry, thank you :). But there are no songs from last two albums, don't you like them? I fell for kent somewhere around 2005-2006, because I remember Du & Jag Döden och The Hjärta & Smärta were already released, but I'm happy to say I enjoy their new sound as well as songs "from before Twitter-days". Personally, I love Svarta linjer: "Vita linjer - som spikrakt spår mot Gud (om man tror på sånt)" :)...

    Mar 21 2012, 18:59
  • Nattkatten

    I would like to add Beskyddaren, Elever, M and Klåparen

    Mag 14 2012, 0:59
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