Bonnie's Confirmed Songs for her NEW ALBUM


Lug 16 2010, 20:53

You Are The One
Don't Tell Me (It's Over Now)
Under One Sky
Is That Thing Loaded/Is This Thing Loaded
Something Going On (Duet with Wayne Warner)
I Don't Want To Know
Making Love (Out Of Nothing At All) (duet with Matt Pétrin) - possibly...
Die Wilde Tränen (Salty Tears) (duet with Matthias Reim) - possibly...
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (duet with Albert Hammond) - possibly...

The problem with the news about Bonnie's new album is that it is very unstable. Bonnie has constantly been saying that it will be released in the next year, and that was in 2008. This means that we cannot be sure when the new album will be released.

RECENT NEWS: on Monday 11th April 2011, Bonnie went to Lorraine Crosby's house for a 'flying visit' to do a 'quick recording'!! This could be a song for Bonnie's album, or a song for Lorraine's album that she is hoping to get started soon.
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