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  • edithbarkowski

    Cool, thank you for your recommendations!!! I know some Sun Ra lps by now (our guitarist luckily introduced me to the first Sun Ra records way back in the nineties when everything started for me) but yet I am far from knowing the whole back catalogue. The music really seems to be from another universe :) Rhythms and majestic melody structures seem to come from somewhere else, from another dimension, just as Hendrix's guitar playing... These people are real shamans and my thesis that the artists of this world are the real priests who give truth and magic to us people seems to be verified ;) It would have been his birthday on the 22nd and 22 is my lucky number... Magic :D Wherever you can see it, lol. Sun Ra, Charles Mingus and also very much Alice Coltrane are the ones who fascinate me most when it comes to jazz at the moment... Yesterday I listened to Dion and the orchestration in his music was so absolutely perfect!!! As in Fred Neil or Scott Walker songs, really cinemascope...

    23 Mag 9:38 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    I have to check out Dion :D

    20 Mag 7:15 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    Yes :) Good memories... I have seen Teenage Fanclub in 1993 with The Posies. It was a wonderful gig! Neil Young IS one of the gods and yet I have to out check Dion ;) DJ Random is a good counsellor when you still don't know what music should be your next mind journey, where you want to go next or to dig deeper or what should be the name of your next destination/direction of "musical travelling", I think...You don't have to get notifications of your latest last fm-messages :) I don't get notifications either. It's just that I am on the various last-fm radio-stations quite often, although I am not always scrobbling. Don't worry, my messages are never urgent on here :) For urgent messages we still use mail, Skype or the good old-fashioned telephone ;) These messages here are just simple shouts like: "wow, this is nice" or "yeah, try this" :) Have a good, sunny day, Terry! Greetings, N.

    20 Mag 7:13 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    This is wonderful, and even if I know that you are not so much into hip hop and the various dance/electro sorts of music (maybe that will change one day, you never know!) maybe you like it as much as I do :) There is some good no wave-sounding stuff on it too and simply many inventive grooves and sounds: I am also very much into Stereolab again! In my head is a strange mix of Albert King - Melvins-even ZZ Top or Thin Lizzy and also Black Sabbath- and on the other hand psychedelic stuff of all times... Paisley Underground just as much as original stuff from the 60ies. Stereolab and Lizzy Mercier Descloux too because summer needs balls on one hand but on the other hand also psychedelic images and a lot of dynamics too... I wish you could come over and take bandpics of us...

    18 Mag 12:29 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    The latest Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks "Wigout At Jagbags" is absolutely fantastic! You have to give it a try one day. I was already blown away by Malkmus's version of Can's Ege Bamyasi but now he does it again. Blowing me away, I mean :) Or I should say they do :)?! I love the songwriting, the lyrics and particularly the guitar sounds. Majestic bright and smiling Rock'n'Roll-guitar-colours this time. Reminding me of Urge Overkills Cheap Trick-sound. Make me happy on this cloudy day! Yay. And good lyrics. And there's a strawberry on the cover which is always good luck...

    15 Mag 8:06 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    Of corpse I meant Velvet Crush which I didn't know back in the nineties (Teenage Fanclub and The Posies were the power pop bands I had been listening to at that time because our guitarist introduced me to Big Star in 1990) but I subconsciously also wanted to tell you that I liked Moby Grape and I am museum-tired again today ;). Kills your brain to hang around art too long and: hell, you gave me tons of recommendations lately and I can't catch up listening to all of them. A lot of inspiration for future songs too! Tank youu :) I hope you liked some of my stuff...

    23 Apr 20:05 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    Exactly. Much better than jumping a red light, I suppose... That's why I always wait. Turtle-tactics. I like being friends with you cause you understand me ;) And gimme the "I'm against it"- button, please. Or probably I am against that too! Yes, we multiply everything if we don't do the same thing at the same time. Possibilities are a good thing, especially when one is old enough to handle them. I mean we have fIREHOSE and Afghan Whigs, Moby Grape and Pavement, Stereolab and.... if we consider Aphex Twin and Portishead too we nearly have fuckin everything with regards to the nineties then :) What will we do next?! We'll see...

    23 Apr 19:25 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    Checked out some of your recommendations: the 60ies psych- compilations are really great :) Also I liked the The Smiths Troy Tate Sessions, The Scientists of course and I will soon listen to Sketches of Spain by Miles Davis. Thank you very much, Terry! I am going through my personal nineties revival phase too now (with a few weeks delay you avantgardist :D but you know that I always like to do the opposite of what you are doing; apparently you do the same which prevents us from ever listening to the same music at the same time ;)) involving Pavement for example. I prefer the originals to the copycats ;) Most of the new bands nowadays can be seen as thieves in the sense of Jim Jarmusch ("steal from everyone you like") which is only natural when an artform has repeated itself several times already and thus has come to a close in terms of innovation - not only because Simon Reynolds said it ;) : All has been made before. I need a new needle for my record player... N.

    21 Apr 10:52 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    Listening to fIREHOSE again after all these years I am still so much in love with it... Also: I am thankful you introduced me to The Bevis Frond a few years ago: "Lights are Changing" was the first song I ever listened to, on one of the Nuggets Samplers you recommended to me. You should listen to The White Numbers now and then (amazing!!!). Have a good day! N.

    7 Apr 8:45 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    Actually it sounds (partly) like a lovechild of Bowie and Beat Happening :) I like the record. And it's not a pain in the arse at all (as Paradise Lost is and as some reviewers of Hart's record said) at all - au contraire :) It's not Hüsker Dü (but then we don't expect this, do we :)?!) but it's another proof of the fact that Julian Cope is not alone in forever testing the limits of punked up slightly mental and experimental psychedelic pop. Okay, now: Good night my friend :) Next week I will check out your recommendations! Thanks again for always generously sharing what you dig up in the depths of past, present or even oblivion ;). Sincerely N.

    2 Apr 20:03 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    Enjoying The Complete Reprise Singles by The Electric Prunes right now (you will surely like most of it if you don't already have most of these songs yourself; only the second half reminds me a bit too much of "Hair" ;)) and after that I am really curious what Grant Hart made of Burroughs version of Milton's "Paradise Lost" epic which I learnt to hate at university (term paper in my main study period: I dunno why I always wrote about Christian topics. Pure contingency. Same with T.S: Eliot but I liked The Waste Land for its wonderful sound...). Back in university we decided someone should make a Monty Pythonesque comic book out of Paradise Lost. No wonder Burroughs chose it, it's not only a big pain (!) in the arse of a work (but) with a great Satan figure, it also bears tons of political allusions and hints; an interesting piece for an intellectual like Bill Burroughs and for mad writers anyways ;) Anyway. The reviews of Hart range from "Bullshit" to "YAY" :) I will check it out...

    2 Apr 19:01 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    "The Day After The Sabbath" is a treasure trove, thank you so much for this wonderful recommendation, my dear!!!

    2 Apr 18:12 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    After the oldtimer fair my first childish thought at the sight of so much beauty although I never really liked cars (just as I wish to have guns after watching for instance an old James Bond movie - being an average pacifist mostly to shoot tin cans in the desert of nowhere...): In my next life I will have a driving licence and an old Jaguar (why? because I will have found a perfect recipe for making enough money with decent, wonderful art of any kind :) maybe writing novels that good people want to read or having the best Noise Rock band on the planet for decades or being the next Tom Waits etc.) with which I will be tinkering in my time off from writing novels/being Tom Waits etc.... I wish I could tinker around with cars and drive for hours... Btw, the latest Melt-Banana, "Fetch", is quite nice :) Dunno if you know them. Have a great sunny day, dear!!! In my present life I still have about an hour before I have to get ready for work. I will feed my library with music now ;)

    2 Apr 7:19 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    YAY :) Always good to get some new musical inspiration from you!!! I haven't had time to discover new stuff but I know what you mean. It's like a long journey or better a long road trip. You don't know where exactly you will end up and you definitely never want it to stop. I am working much in the museum this month. Also, I am glad when all of this moving house/flat/office of Sven and myself is finally over and done and we just sit in our tiny, nice little living-room offices being happy that the real work can continue. Tomorrow it is my birthday and I am invited to the editorial meeting of Octane in Essen (oldtimer- fair time; I have never seen anything like this): being kind of a "small" translator for them I consider this an honour. For a person without a driving license or any slightest knowledge of cars except from watching movies or from seeing Eggleston's, Winogrand's and other photographers pictures of cars, everything I see and hear will be a visit to another planet :D

    25 Mar 9:48 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    It seems very tempting to me to listen to 10 hours of music in a row today. I still have so much work to do so I have to get back to last fm and tumblr a bit later than expected. Just wanted to send you my greetings and tell you that I prefer listening to a strange mix of Steve Albini and Prince lately. I know you don't like Prince. But even if I don't dance as often as I want to (and most djs play boring uninspired crap anyways, being afraid of losing their paying middle-class-student-auditorium): At least, I need some dancing in my head :) I think I might try electro-swing soon, hoping it mostly sounds like "I Am Music" by Common... I once attended a party where they played that kind of music and it was okay... I am also hooked on noise rock and math-rock again. As complicated and dysfunctional as life always is, was and will be, it gives me a zen-like strength to endure ;) Always a pleasure to share incentives with you :) Oh, and Breaking Bad is so good!!! You would love it... N.

    14 Feb 11:29 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    But I am glad you liked the Kid Congo Powers as you rarely ever listen to tips coming from me (I think I mentioned the same thing years ago). One could think you don't want to listen to my recommendations as a matter of principle ;) But I "taught" you The Melvins and somehow turned your focus towards Sonic Youth which I am proud of :) Don't worry, we can both be one of the taste-kings and queens in this big musical universe :D, mate! I think I have to take a net-break for a bit because I have to get my new flat ready for moving in finally so I will not be on last fm for a couple of weeks, I think. I will send you my latest recommendations via mail! Speak to you soon, my friend, greetings from yours musical penpal N. :)

    13 Gen 17:30 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    Ya, when I am really tired and my back hurts from the museum or other stress and it's also late, the area in my brain which deals with speech and information processing seems to give up and produces funny mistakes. I got the Dracula Boots cd by Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkey Birds and I don't know why exactly but I have Spanish words in my head linked to his name which don't have anything to do with Kid Congo Powers whatsoever :) hehe. Maybe because he has a song called La Llarona on Dracula Boots and Lhasa de Sela has an album La Llorona which is forever stuck in my head as an irritation. That and my tired little brain produced Loco instead of Congo... Cool choice:) I like Rapeman and Shellac! Angry intelligence... Have to check out Big Black one day. Only know a few sogs. Toy is in the link I sent you recently ;) Maybe you forgot to check it or you didn't like it. I will do my translations today and send it to you in a few hours. Relax and enjoy your day off, dear :)! Nuts

    13 Gen 8:25 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    Kid Congo. Oh my - too tired :) Speak soon. Greetings from a museum-tired, launderette-stressed-out woman ;) (we didn't go on Thursday, so we had to go today and yesterday was also a late night for me ;) Good that I still remember my own name ;) :D But Loco is also funny, I should be Loco not Nuts... night night :)

    12 Gen 0:58 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    Noo, Bleach is good ;) It's just that I like the Melvins and Mudhoney better, all in all, even if EVERYBODY will stone or stab me to death - you just said that to alert the Kurt Cobain worldfanclub ;) :D. I have to confess that I don't really know much about the Afghan Whigs, I once borrowed a cd of theirs from the library long ago and I only remember I liked it but I don't know where the cd is so I need your update on them my friend :) Velvet Crush is a band I don't know at all, so another update required :) Btw, the Bears For Lunch from Guided By Voices is heavenly. AMAZING!!! And today on my way home from work I loved Radio Birdman. Good, good stuff. But still, The Clash, the New Orleans Sampler and some compilation with the hilarious title Voodoo (but really some great stuff on it) got me. And of corpse Kid Loco and Toy (I think I told you about them too, didn't I?) Good band. But Naddi is in New Orleans/Robert Pollard/Joe Strummer and Bob Mould/Grant Hart appreciation- mode... :)

    12 Gen 0:54 Rispondi
  • edithbarkowski

    Yay, you listened to Kid Congo too :) I like the new one! The same very good old solid sleazy atmosphere that is supposed (and of corpse required) to be on a new Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds record. Have to check out The Bears For Lunch soon. Guided By Voices will surely be my evening sunshine after the launderette and I know I will need it ;) On my player for my way to work today only Billy Childish, The Clash and Hüsker Dü. Have a good day, my friend! N.

    7 Gen 9:01 Rispondi
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