• Top 10 of 2009

    Gen 2 2010, 6:22

    (It's too time consuming to put in the code for all the artists, albums, tracks...sorry)

    I was going to provide rankings past a top 10, but decided to keep it simple so here it is:

    1. Dropkick-Abelay Hotel
    2. Fanfarlo-Reservoir
    3. Camera Obscura-My Maudlin Career
    4. We Were Promised Jetpacks-These Four Walls
    5. Micah Schnabel-When the Stage Lights Go Dim
    6. The Tailors-Come Dig Me Up
    7. Michael Carpenter-Redemption #39/The Stripped Redemption #39
    8. Hello=Fire-Hello=Fire
    9. I Was A King-I Was A King
    10. Vulture Whale-Vulture Whale (II)

    here’s the rest, tied for #11 in alpha order: (there was a lot I didn’t get to buy in 2009)
    A Camp-Colonia
    Bap Kennedy-Howl On
    Brendan Benson-My Old Familiar Friend
    Broken Family Band-Please and Thank You
    Broken Records-Until the Earth Begins to Part
    The Clean-Mister Pop
    Graham Coxon-The Spinning Top
    God Help the Girl-God Help the Girl
    Heartless Bastards-The Mountain
    Tommy Keene-In the Late Bright
    Joey Kneiser-All-Night Bedroom Revival
    The Knobs-Breakup & Die (officially released in 2009)
    Le Reno Amps-Tear It Open
    Liechtenstein-Survival Strategies in Modern World
    The Love Language-The Love Language
    McGowan-American Regular
    Memphis 59-Ragged But Right
    Rhett Miller-Rhett Miller
    Pains of Being Pure at Heart-Pains of Being Pure at Heart
    Pastels/Tenniscoast-Two Sunsets
    Joe Pernice-It Feels so Good When I Stop
    Reigning Sound-Love & Curses
    Ike Reilly-Hard Luck Stories
    Spare Snare-I Love You, I Hate You
    Swell Season-Strict Joy
    The Swimmers-People are Soft
    Trash Can Sinatras-In the Music
    Frank Turner-Poetry of the Deed
    Twilight Sad-Forget the Night Ahead
    Two Hours Traffic-Territory
    Lewis Wilson-Lift You Up
    Yo La Tengo-Popular Songs
    Zooey Van Gooey-The Cage was Unlocked All Along

    Top 10 songs (although, I have a new favorite song every day):
    1. Moving Clocks Run Slow-We Were Promised Jetpacks
    2. American Static-Micah Schnabel
    3. The Road-Frank Turner
    4. Honey in the Sun-Camera Obscura
    5. Too Much Too Say-Dropkick
    6. Pictures of Her-The Tailors
    7. Harold T. Wilkins. or How I Learned to Wait for a Very Long Time-Fanfarlo
    8. Lalita-The Love Language
    9. Nothing to Hide-Yo La Tengo
    10. Can’t Go Back-Michael Carpenter

    I saw a decent amount of shows, not many as I’d like to have attended, but I had to choose quality over quantity. I definitely saw more than
    three, but the ones that most stood out:

    1. Dropkick, The Primary 5 & Attic Lights-Darvel Music Festival, Scotland
    seeing three bands I love a lot for the very first time on the same stage. despite being freaked out meeting so many people for the first time at once, it was entirely too much fun in one night!

    2. Teenage Fanclub-Belfast
    If I had any sense, I would have made it known on the TFC message board I was going to be present for the show as I ended up going on my
    own. Not that it stopped me from enjoying every single second of it. hard to believe I’ve been a fan for 18 years now!

    3. Frightened Rabbit, Twilight Sad, We Were Promised Jetpacks-Orlando
    Three Scottish bands in the US. Amazing night, incredible sets from all three, and I got to combine it with a visit with my Great Aunt.
  • The Music Asylum-WLFR 8/2/09 playlist

    Ago 5 2009, 6:30

    I was able to go home and be a guest DJ on my old college radio station: WLFR Here's my playlist:

    Unrest-God Gave Rock n Roll to You III
    The Love Scene-A Stone to Call My Own
    Memphis 59-Me, Myself, & Eyes
    Michael Shelley-The Girl with the Light in Her Eyes
    Starbelly-Better than Myself
    The Drums-Let's Go Surfing
    April March-Chick Habit
    The Feminine Complex-I Don't Want Another Man
    God Help the Girl-Funny Little Frog
    Tiger Trap-You & Me
    Green Peppers-Carry Me Away
    Robin Tymm-The Trouble with You
    Jupiter & Teardrop-Moonshine
    Frightened Rabbit-Swim Until You Can't See Land (Off the Beaten Tracks session)
    Bill Fox-Bonded to You
    Broken Records-Thoughts On A Picture (In A Paper, January 2009)
    We Were Promised Jetpacks-Moving Clocks Run Slow
    Eleventh Dream Day-That's the Point
    Superchunk-Fader Rules
    The Heavenly States-Lost in the Light
    Nothing Painted Blue-Undeserving
    Cordalene-Kissed Awake
    Crocodile-August is Over
    Oppenheimer-Before & After the Quake
    ???Mystery Artist??-Certain Circles
    Attic Lights-Walkie Talkie
    The Love Language-Lalita
    Teenage Fanclub-Radio
    I'm From Barcelona-Oversleeping
    Marching Band-Makeup Artist
    The Mayflies USA-Walking in a Straight Line
    The Tyde-Go Ask Yer Dad
    Aberfeldy-Come on, Claire
    Frank Turner-The Road
    The Clean-Someone
    Running with Horses-Over Before it Ended
    The Primary 5-Lost and Confused
    Cosmic Rough Riders-The Charm
    Dropkick-Give it Back
    Camera Obscura-French Navy
    Mojave 3-Running with Your Eyes Closed
    The Jayhawks-Save it for a Rainy Day
    Mary Lou Lord-Lights are Changing
    Television-See No Evil
    We Were Promised Jetpacks-Quiet Little Voices
    The Replacements-Bastards of Young
    Micah Schnabel-Ultimate Mixtape