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  • AuschwitzGuard

    Il est bien le dernier Lordi ? J'espère toujours un album digne de Arockalypse

    16 Nov 18:51 Rispondi
  • WoahhItsPatrikk

    Hey man do you mind going to the "Nothing To Offer" page and deleting the image you uploaded? IT's the one where I am giving a thumbs up on the ground. It has our old members and I'm trying to filter out our old stuff :)

    13 Nov 17:10 Rispondi
  • Nihil227

    J'ai vraiment bien aimé Mystica samedi!

    11 Nov 23:16 Rispondi
  • ayahuaycco

    thanks for the friends req!! from Metal Perú

    24 Set 23:55 Rispondi
  • corporhate

    Ecoute Adebisi Shank, ils ont un son entre Battles et And So I Watch You From Afar, du tout bon :D

    24 Ago 15:45 Rispondi
  • corporhate

    (comment on peut être fan de deux groupes qui d'après leur nom ont l'air d'être du black, et de Cult of Luna ?)

    18 Ago 17:07 Rispondi
  • corporhate

    Maybeshewill, Chrome Brulée, BRNS, The Neighbourhood, Sweethead, Little Trouble Kids, Glass Animals, Robbing Millions, James Vincent Mcmorrow, Jonathan Wilson, Yuko, Fink, Brody Dalle, Red Fang, QotSA et Portishead ;) la flemme d'aller voir Snoop Lion et Kavinsky a changé d'heure (mais comme pour Crystal Castles l'année passée il sera au Cabaret Vert :p). 5 groupes belges franchement très bons, j'espère que ça va remplacer les groupes actuels mous et dégueulasses qui sont populaires :p puis QotSA bon concert mais vraiment pas assez fort, et Portishead bien noisy je m'y attendais pas :p

    18 Ago 17:05 Rispondi
  • corporhate

    Excellent Casualties of Cool :D

    18 Ago 9:59 Rispondi
  • fordervetsinn

    Hi dude, check my band :) DEMENTIA SENEX - metal from Italy, for fans of Gorguts, Ulcerate and Cult of Luna. - FREE DOWNLOAD EP!

    25 Lug 12:35 Rispondi
  • TiphMac


    10 Lug 18:04 Rispondi
  • Xodorovq check this beatdown hardcore! thx!

    9 Lug 17:03 Rispondi
  • sintjan

    hey, you're going to graspop, so do I Which 5 bands should I definitely see? Mine are nails, amenra, cult of luna, dillinger escape plan and kylesa. I question myself what to do on the other days. First time to graspop, hellfest (been there 4 times) sold out, bummer

    23 Giu 9:37 Rispondi
  • TiphMac


    29 Mag 14:25 Rispondi
  • walk-with-evil

    Hey if you love metal and other underground music. Please check out our page on Facebook and "like" it thanks Bruce we just posted behemoth photos ! also our 1349 photos got posted on there home page

    2 Mag 17:15 Rispondi
  • guild

    REGARDE LES HOMMES TOMBER 20 mars · Modifié Next gigs // Prochaines dates : 09/04/14 : @ LILLE, France w/ The Great Old Ones, Le Midland. 10/04/14 : @ TILBURG, Netherlands / ROADBURN FESTIVAL. 11/04/14 : @ BRUXELLES, Belgium w/ The Great Old Ones , Belgique / Recyclart. TBC 12/04/14 : @ ARLON, Belgium / L'ENTREPOT w/ The Great Old Ones.

    23 Mar 13:18 Rispondi
  • o0Akushiro0o

    Ben quoi hahaha?

    28 Feb 10:02 Rispondi
  • MoulinetteD

    Bon anniversaire ;)

    18 Gen 21:33 Rispondi
  • AuschwitzGuard

    Pas cap d'afficher ta nouvelle tête comme avatar !

    16 Gen 21:57 Rispondi
  • MoulinetteD

    Le Transbo, c'est la plus petite de toutes, mais celle que je préfère pour le son, la Halle est très grande et belle ( mais l’armature métallique fait que c'est pas top pour certains groupes, Le Summum est une belle salle aussi

    8 Gen 19:45 Rispondi
  • MoulinetteD

    oh il y a le Transbordeur, la halle Tony Garnier, le Summum...

    8 Gen 19:39 Rispondi
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Booker for Metal Corporation Fest.
Drummer for Mystica, Feed Them Lies, Black Harmonia and Cryptogenic.
Ex-drummer for Domine Hate (2010-2011), Corpor[H]ate (2006-2013) & Skelt's (2011-2014)

Open-minded metalhead and music addict!

Check out my current bands :

- Mystica (Modern Blackened Death Metal) :

- Feed Them Lies (Beatdown Hardcore/Metalcore) :

- Cryptogenic (Female Fronted Modern Death Metal)

- Black Harmonia (Heavy/Thrash Metal) :

Ex-bands :

- Skelt's (2011-2014) (Modern Death Metal/Metalcore)

- Corpor[H]ate (2006-2013) (Modern Death Metal) :

- Domine Hate (2010-2011) (Death Thrash Metal) :

Groupes vu en live/ Bands seen live :

- 0 -
0181 Beatdown *NL*
1349 *NOR*
15 Reasons *BE*
1975 (The) *UK*
1984 (The) *BE*
3 Inches of Blood *CAN*
30 Seconds To Mars *USA*
36 Crazyfists *USA*
4000 Broken Necks *BE*
5 Underground *BE*
50 Lions *AUS*
65daysofstatic *UK*
69 Chambers *CH*
- A -
A Day to Remember *USA*
Abigail Williams *USA*
Ablaze *GER*
Abnormality *USA*
Aborted *BE*
About : Blank *BE*
Absu *USA*
Acacia Strain (The) *USA*
Acid Death *GRC*
Ackros *BE*
Adagio *FR*
Adept *SWE*
Adimiron *ITA*
Admiral Freebee *BE*
Adrenaline Mob *USA*
Aedden *BE*
Aerosmith *USA*
Aes Dana *FR*
Aeternus *NOR*
After All *BE*
After the Burial *USA*
Angantyr *DK*
Age of Torment *BE*
Agnostic Front *USA*
Aimless *BE*
Airbourne *AUS*
Aktarum *BE*
Alambic *FR*
Alek et les Japonaises *BE*
Alestorm *UK*
Alice in Chains *USA*
Alice's Fingers *BE*
All Ends *SWE*
All Out War *USA*
All Shall Perish *USA*
All That Remains *USA*
Allis *BE*
Almond Marc *UK*
Alter Bridge *USA*
Amaranthe *SWE*
Âme Immortelle (L') *AUT*
Amenra *BE*
Amenta (The) *AUS*
Amon Amarth *SWE*
Amorphis *FIN*
Amplifier *UK*
Anaal Nathrakh *UK*
Ananta *FR*
Anarchos *NL*
Anathema *UK*
And So I Watch You From Afar *UK*
Angel Crew *BE*
Angel Haze *USA*
Angel Witch *UK*
Anges (Les) *BE*
Annihilator *CAN*
Annotations of an Autopsy *UK*
Anthrax *USA*
Anti-Flag *USA*
Antwoord (Die) *RSA*
Anvil *CAN*
Aoki Steve *USA*
Apocalyptica *FIN*
Apokalyptischen Reiter (Die) *GER*
Aqme *FR*
Arbeid Adelt! *BE*
Arcade Fire *CAN*
Arcadia *ITA*
Arch Enemy *SWE*
Architects *UK*
Archive *UK*
Archspire *CAN*
Arctic Monkeys *UK*
Arid *BE*
Arkangel *BE*
Arkham Disease *BE*
Arkona *RUS*
Arma Gathas *CH*
Arno *BE*
ARRS (The) *FR*
As I Lay Dying *USA*
As They Burn *FR*
Ascension *GER*
Ashes Into Blood *BE*
Asking Alexandria *UK*
Asrai *NL*
Astra *ITA*
At the Gates *SWE*
Atmospheres *BE*
Atrocity *GER*
Atroxentis *BE*
August Burns Red *USA*
Aura Noir *NOR*
Autumn *NL*
Aux Raus *NL*
Avatarium *SWE*
Avenged Sevenfold *USA*
Awakening of the Ashes *BE*
Axamenta *BE*
Axe Wound *UK*
Azarath *PL*
Azylya *BE*
- B -
Backfire! *NL*
Backstabbers *BE*
Bacon Caravan Creek *BE*
Bad Motha Fuckers *BE*
Bad Religion *USA*
Bal des Enragés (Le) *FR*
Balafredo *BE*
Banane Metalik *FR*
Band of Skulls *UK*
Baptized in Blood *CAN*
Bar 9 *UK*
Baraka *BE*
Baroness *USA*
Bartos Karl *GER*
Barzotti Claude *BE*
Basement Jaxx *UK*
Battlecross *USA*
Be Delicious *BE*
Bearing the Damage *BE*
Beautiful Hatred *BE*
Beheaded *MLT*
Behemoth *POL*
Belly Button *BE*
Belphegor *AUT*
Beneath the Massacre *CAN*
Benedictum *USA*
Benighted *FR*
Betrayers Will Burn *BE*
Betraying the Martyrs *FR*
Between Hope and Hate *BE*
Between the Buried and Me *USA*
Beyond Terror Beyond Grace *AUS*
Bias Gamins (Les) *BE*
Biffy Clyro *UK*
Big Fat Lukum *BE*
Binamé René *BE*
Biohazard *USA*
Birdpen *UK*
Bitch Run *BE*
Black Bleeding *BE*
Black Bomb A *FR*
Black Box Revelation *BE*
Black Country *BE*
Black Dahlia Murder (The) *USA*
Black Eyed Peas (The) *USA*
Black Harmonia *BE*
Black Heart Rebellion (The) *BE*
Black Label Society *USA*
Black Land *BE*
Black Lips *USA*
Black Sabbath *UK*
Black Stone Cherry *USA*
Black Tartan Clan (The) *BE*
Blancmange *UK*
Blast Year Zero *BE*
Bleed From Within *UK*
Bleeding Through *USA*
Bliksem *BE*
Blind Guardian *GER*
Bloodbath *SWE*
Bloodlost *CH*
Bloodshot *BE*
Bloodsimple *USA*
Bloody Beetroots (The) *ITA*
Blotus *BE*
Blow Up *BE*
Blue Whales (The) *BE*
Blur *UK*
Blynd *CYP*
Bodyfarm *NL*
Body Fuel *BE*
Bombus *SWE*
Bongo Kidz *CH*
Bonobo *UK*
Borealis *CAN*
Borgia *FR*
Boris *JPN*
Born From Pain *NL*
Bots (The) *USA*
Boys Noize *GER*
Brassen's Not Dead *FR*
Bridge to Solace *HUN*
Bring Me the Horizon *UK*
Browning (The) *USA*
Bradley Charles and His Extraordinaires *USA*
Brutal Truth *USA*
Brutality Will Prevail *UK*
Buenas Ondas *BE*
Bullet for My Valentine *UK*
Burning Hatred *NL*
Burning Heads *FR*
Bursting *BE*
Bury Them All *BE*
Buster Shuffle *UK*
Butcher Instinct *FR*
Buxom Cannibals (The) *BE*
Buzzcocks *UK*
- C -
Cadaveria *ITA*
Caducity *BE*
Caliban *GER*
Caligula *BE*
Calvaria Fuck Fever *GER*
Came To Kill *BE*
Camping Sauvach *BE*
Cannettes Vides *BE*
Cannibal Corpse *USA*
Cap'tain Von Von *BE*
Carach Angren *NL*
Carcass *UK*
Carcer City *UK*
Caribou *CAN*
Carnage of Children *FR*
Carnifex *USA*
Casanoé *BE*
Caspa *UK*
Castles *BE*
Catamenia *FIN*
Cataract *CH*
Catarrhal *BE*
Cattle Decapitation *USA*
Cavalera Conspiracy *USA*
Celebrate *BE*
Celestial Season *NL*
Celtic Frost *CH*
Cephalic Carnage *USA*
Cerebral Bore *UK*
Channel Zero *BE*
Chao Manu *FR*
Chaos Invocation *GER*
Chaos on the Ring *BE*
Chaostar *GRC*
Charge 69 *FR*
Chargers (The) *BE*
Chelsea Grin *USA*
Chemical Brothers (The) *UK*
Chickenfoot *USA*
Children of Bodom *FIN*
Chili Kumquat *BE*
Chimaira *USA*
Chiva Gantiva (La) *BE*
Chloé Colin *FR*
Chthonic *TWN*
Civet *USA*
Clench Your Fist *BE*
Close to Home *USA*
Closure *BE*
Clutch *USA*
Coagulate *BE*
Coal Chamber *USA*
Coal Temple (The) *BE*
Cocaïne Piss *BE*
Cocyte *BE*
Coilguns *CH*
Cold Cave *USA*
Colossus *FR*
Comeback Kid *CAN*
Comet *BE*
Compact Disk Dummies *BE*
Compagnie Picole (La) *BE*
Concealed Reality *BE*
Conmecontent *BE*
Converge *USA*
Cooper Alice *USA*
Coprolith *FIN*
Copykill *GER*
Corbillard *BE*
Cornell Chris *USA*
Coroner *CH*
Corrosion of Conformity *USA*
Cradle of Filth *UK*
Crawlspace *BE*
Crazy Motherfuckers from Hell (The) *BE*
Crematory *GER*
Crimfall *FIN*
Crimson Falls *BE*
Crisdi *FR*
Critical Case *BE*
Cro-Mags *USA*
Croll Dan *UK*
Crossfaith *JAP*
Crowbar *USA*
Crucified Barbara *SWE*
Cruel Hand *USA*
Crushing Caspars *GER*
Cult (The) *UK*
Cult of Luna *SWE*
Cumshot *FR*
Cure (The) *UK*
Cyanide Serenity *UK*
Cynic *USA*
Cypress Hill *USA*
- D -
D.A.W.N. *GER*
D.Majiria *BE*
Daan *BE*
Dagoba *FR*
Dalloway *BE*
Dalriada *HUN*
Damned Things (The) *USA*
Danko Jones *CAN*
Dark Age *GER*
Dark Fortress *GER*
Dark Funeral *SWE*
Dark Managarm *FR*
Dark Sensation *BE*
Dark Tranquillity *SWE*
Darker My Love *USA*
Darkness (The) *UK*
Darkness Dynamite *FR*
Darkrise *CH*
Datsuns (The) *NZL*
David TMX *FR*
Dawnbreath *BE*
Days of Betrayal *BE*
De Brassers *BE*
Dead Congregation *GRC*
Dead Episode *GER*
Dead Shape Figure *FIN*
Dead Shrimps (The) *BE*
Deadalus *BE*
Deadlock *GER*
Deadmau5 *CAN*
Deafheaven *USA*
Dear Superstar *UK*
Death Agony *FR*
Death Angel *USA*
Death Before Disco *BE*
Death Before Dishonor *USA*
Death By Stereo *USA*
Death Car Princess *BE*
Death To All *USA*
Deathseekers *BE*
Deathstars *SWE*
Deathtura *BE*
Débauche et Décadence *BE*
Debauchery *GER*
Decapitated *POL*
Deconsecrate *BE*
Decrepit Birth *USA*
Deep Purple *UK*
Deepshow *BE*
Deerhoof *USA*
Deez Nuts *AUS*
Def Leppard *UK*
Defeater *USA*
Deficiency *FR*
Deftones *USA*
Degial *SWE*
Dehuman *BE*
Dehumanized *USA*
Deicide *USA*
Dejafuze *NL*
Delain *NL*
Demonical *SWE*
Department S *UK*
Depotax *BE*
Desakralised *BE*
Desdemonia *LUX*
Desolated *UK*
Despised Icon *CAN*
Destinity *FR*
Deströyer 666 *AUS*
Destruction *GER*
Détroit *FR*
Devian *SWE*
Deviate *BE*
Devil's Blood (The) *NL*
Devil Sold His Soul *UK*
Devil Wears Prada (The) *USA*
Devildriver *USA*
Devin Townsend Project *CAN*
Devourment *USA*
Dew-Scented *GER*
Dewback *BE*
Diablo Swing Orchestra *SWE*
Di'Anno Paul *UK*
Diary of Destruction *FR*
Didier Super *FR*
Difference (The) *BE*
Dillinger Escape Plan (The) *USA*
Dimlight *GRC*
Dimmu Borgir *NOR*
Dinosaur Jr. *USA*
Diplomat (The) *BE*
Dir En Grey *JPN*
Dirty Fingers *BE*
Dirty Rotten Imbeciles *USA*
Discipline *NL*
Dismal *FR*
Dismember *SWE*
Disturbed *USA*
Divine Sins *NL*
Dixon Plans *BE*
Dizzy Mozzies *BE*
DJ Poulpi *BE*
Do or Die *BE*
Dollsex *BE*
Domine Hate *BE*
Doom *USA*
Doro *GER*
Dos Dias De Sangre *GER*
Down *USA*
Down to Nothing *USA*
Doyle Airence *FR*
Draconian *SWE*
Drakkar *BE*
Drone *GER*
Dropkick Murphys *USA*
Drowning Pool *USA*
Drumcorps *GER*
Drums Are For Parades *BE*
Dublin Death Patrol *USA*
Duff McKagan's Loaded *USA*
Dunkelnacht *FR*
Dunker William *BE*
Dying Fetus *USA*
Dylath Leen *FR*
Dyscordia *BE*
Dyson's (The) BE
Dysrhythmia *USA*
- E -
Eagles of Death Metal *USA*
Eagles Road *BE*
Echo and the Bunnymen *UK*
Edge (The) *BE*
Editors *UK*
Eight Sins *FR*
Einherjer *NOR*
Ektomorf *HUN*
Eleanor *JAP*
Electric Lady Blue *BE*
Electric Wizard *UK*
Eluveitie *CH*
Elyose *FR*
Embrace Destruction *ITA*
Emergency Gate *GER*
Emil Bulls *GER*
Eminem *USA*
Emmure *USA*
Emperors of Decay *BE*
Emptiness *BE*
Empyrios *ITA*
End of All Reason (The) *BE*
Endstille *GER*
Enemy Ground *NL*
Ensiferum *FIN*
Enslaved *NOR*
Enter Shikari *UK*
Enthroned *BE*
Entombed *SWE*
Entrails *SWE*
Epica *NL*
Epicardiectomy *CZ*
Epidemian *BE*
Equilibrium *GER*
Erynies *FR*
Eskimo Callboy *GER*
Esprit du Clan (L') *FR*
Essence *DK*
Eté 67 *BE*
Ethernity *BE*
Eths *FR*
Europe *SWE*
Evanescence *USA*
Evening Call *BE*
Evergreen Terrace *USA*
Evergrey *SWE*
Every Time I Die *USA*
Evil Invaders *BE*
Evilness *FR*
Evocation *SWE*
Ex & Getatchew (The) *NL*
Ex Inferis *LUX*
Excavated *BE*
Exist Immortal *UK*
Exodus *USA*
Experimental Tropic Blues Band (The) *BE*
Exploited (The) *UK*
Exuviated *BE*
Eyeconoclast *ITA*
- F -
F.A.K.E. *BE*
Fabulous Progerians (The) *BE*
Facebreaker *SWE*
Faceless (The) *USA*
Facewreck *BE*
Facing the Enemy *CH*
Fading Bliss *BE*
Faith No More *USA*
Faithless *UK*
Fake Messiah *CH*
Fall (The) *UK*
Fall Out Boy *USA*
Fallujah *USA*
Fat Poor Show *BE*
Fatal Move *BE*
Fear Factory *USA*
Feed Me *UK*
Feed Them Lies *BE*
Feel the Noïzz *BE*
Fenrir *FR*
Final Prayer *GER*
Finntroll *FIN*
Firedown *BE*
Firewind *GRC*
First Blood *USA*
Flatlands *UK*
Fleetwood Mac *UK*
Fleshgod Apocalypse *ITA*
Foals *UK*
Foo Fighters *USA*
Foose *USA*
Forbidden *USA*
Foreigner *USA*
Forget the Liars *BE*
Fozzy *USA*
Fractured Insanity *BE*
Franz Ferdinand *UK*
Frau Blücher and the Drünken Horses *BE*
Freaky Age *BE*
Free Launch *BE*
Free of Mind *BE*
Front 242 *BE*
Frustration *FR*
Fuck Buttons *UK*
Fucked Up *CAN*
Fun Lovin' Criminals *USA*
Funeral For a Friend *UK*
Funerus *USA*
Furious *BE*
- G -
Gabriel Peter *UK*
Galas Diamanda *USA*
Gallows *UK*
Gamma Ray *GER*
Garner *BE*
Gates of Argonath *BE*
Gathering (The) *NL*
Gaza *USA*
Gerpinne Jack Flashes *BE*
Get Wise *BE*
Ghost *SWE*
Ghost Inside (The) *USA*
Girlschool *UK*
Gloryhammer *UK*
Goatwhore *USA*
God Forbid *USA*
God Left Paradise *BE*
God Seed *NOR*
Godflesh *UK*
Godsmack *USA*
Godyva *ITA*
Gogol Bordello *USA*
Gojira *FR*
Goliath *BE*
Good Charlotte *USA*
Gorath *BE*
Gorefest *NL*
Gorgoroth *NOR*
Gorguts *CAN*
Gorod *FR*
Gotthard *CH*
Grass'Mat' *BE*
Grave *SWE*
Grave Digger *GER*
Graveworm *ITA*
Graveyard *SWE*
Gravity *FR*
Great Mountain Fire *BE*
Green Day *USA*
Gronibard *FR*
Groundation *USA*
Guardians (The) *BE*
Guilt Monkey *BE*
Guns N' Roses *USA*
Gutalax *CZ*
- H -
Habemus Papam *BE*
Hackneyed *GER*
Hacktivist *UK*
Hacride *FR*
Hail of Bullets *NL*
Half Moon Run *CAN*
Hammerfall *SWE*
Hämmerhead *BE*
Hate *POL*
Hate Embraced *GER*
Hate Eternal *USA*
Hatebreed *USA*
Hatesphere *DK*
Haunted (The) *SWE*
Havok *USA*
Hawk Eyes *UK*
Hayenheim *BE*
Headcharger *FR*
Headshot *BE*
Heathen *USA*
Heaven 17 *UK*
Heaven & Hell *UK*
Heaven Shall Burn *GER*
Heaven's Basement *UK*
Heideroosjes *NL*
Heidevolk *NL*
Hell (The) *UK*
Hell City *BE*
Hell Is for Heroes *UK*
Helloween *GER*
Hellyeah *USA*
Helrunar *GER*
Henriette B *CH*
Hewitt *FR*
HeXen (The) *BE*
High Voltage *BE*
Himsa *USA*
Hives (The) *SWE*
Hollenthon *AUT*
Hoods *USA*
Hooverphonic *BE*
Hoquets *BE*
Horacle *BE*
Horrors (The) *UK*
Hors Contrôle *FR*
Horse the Band *USA*
Hour of Penance *ITA*
House of Pain *USA*
Housebound *FR*
Human Jail *FR*
Humatronic *BE*
Hundredth *USA*
Hunter *BE*
Huntress *USA*
Hurlements D'Leo (Les) *FR*
Hush *BE*
Hybrid Viscery *BE*
Hyphen8 *BE*
Hypocrisy *SWE*
- I -
I Killed the Prom Queen *AUS*
Iced Earth *USA*
Idiots Parade *SVK*
Ignitions *BE*
Igorrr *FR*
Ihsahn *NOR*
Illusionless *NL*
Immigrants (The) *BE*
Immolation *USA*
Immortal *NOR*
Impaled Nazarene *FIN*
Imperia *NL*
In Arkadia *FR*
In Extremo *GER*
In Flames *SWE*
In Other Climes *FR*
In-Quest *BE*
In Solitude *SWE*
Inactive Messiah *GRC*
Inc.ognito *BE*
Indochine *FR*
Indust. *FR*
Inequity (The) *BE*
Infected *BE*
Infernal Tenebra *CRO*
Inhumeanity *BE*
Inlandsis *BE*
Innerfire *BE*
Inquisition *COL*
Iron Maiden *UK*
Iskald *NOR*
Isola *BE*
Ithilien *BE*
Izegrim *NL*
- J -
J.D. Circo *BE*
Jack's Songs Fight (The) *BE*
Japanische Kampfhörspiele *GER*
Jezebel Deva Sarah *UK*
Jimmy Backseat *BE*
Job for a Cowboy *USA*
John L *BE*
Jon Oliva's Pain *USA*
Journey *USA*
Joy Formidable (The) *UK*
Jucifer *USA*
Judas Priest *UK*
Juveniles *FR*
- K -
K. (The) *BE*
Kaer *BE*
Kaf*K *BE*
Kaiser Chiefs *UK*
Kamelot *USA*
Kandyss *CH*
Kapitan Korsakov *BE*
Karavan: Arnoquins *BE*
Karma To Burn *USA*
Kataklysm *CAN*
Katalepsis *FR*
Katalepsy *RUS*
Katatonia *SWE*
Kasabian *UK*
Kastor *BE*
KDV-Deviators (The) *GER*
Keep of Kalessin *NOR*
Ke$ha *USA*
Khohd *BE*
Kids (The) *BE*
Kill For Peace *FR*
Kill My Doll *BE*
Killing Joke *UK*
Killing Machine *USA*
Killswitch Engage *USA*
King Diamond *DK*
King Hiss *BE*
Kings Never Die *BE*
Kingterror *BE*
Kiss *USA*
Klaws *BE*
Klone *FR*
Klub des Loosers *FR*
Knives To a Gunfight *BE*
Knuckledust *UK*
Kobra and the Lotus *CAN*
Komah *BE*
Kontrust *AUT*
Korn *USA*
Korpiklaani *FIN*
Kreator *GER*
Krisiun *BRA*
Kruger *CH*
Krypteria *GER*
Kupid Kids *BE*
Kvelertak *NOR*
Kyle Gass Band *USA*
Kylesa *USA*
Kyo *FR*
Kyuss Lives! *USA*
- L -
Lacerhate *ITA*
Lacrimas Profundere *GER*
Lacuna Coil *ITA*
Lagwagon *USA*
Laktacid *BE*
Lamb of God *USA*
Lamster *BE*
Last Breath Messiah *BE*
Last Fuckin' Delight (The) *BE*
Last Shot of War (The) *BE*
Lazy *FR*
Leaves' Eyes *GER*
Left Hand Path *BE*
Legion of the Damned *NL*
Legion To Kill *BE*
Lemuria *BE*
Leng Tch'e *BE*
Length of Time *BE*
Leper House *BE*
Leprous *NOR*
Life of Agony *USA*
Light Damage *BE*
Lightning *BE*
Limp Bizkit *USA*
Link (The) *BE*
Lionheart *USA*
Little X Monkeys *BE*
Livarkahil *FR*
Loch Vostok *SWE*
Lock Up *UK*
Lofofora *FR*
Los Petardos *BE*
Lost God *BE*
Loud Excess *BE*
Loudblast *FR*
Love & Death *USA*
Lovelorn Dolls *BE*
Luke *FR*
Lunascape *BE*
- M -
Macabre *USA*
Machine Gun Plays AC/DC *BE*
Machine Head *USA*
Mackey Steve *UK*
Mad Sin *GER*
Madball *USA*
Magion *NL*
Mahones (The) *CAN*
Make Them Suffer *AUS*
Malevolence *UK*
Malevolent Creation *USA*
Malevolentia *FR*
Malibu Stacy *BE*
Malignancy *USA*
Malmsteen Yngwie *SWE*
Malrun *DK*
Mambassa Blouz Band *BE*
Mammöths (The) *BE*
Man-Eating Tree (The) *FIN*
Manatees *UK*
Manau *FR*
Manegarm *SWE*
Manticora *DK*
Marduk *SWE*
Marilyn Manson *USA*
Marionette *SWE*
Mark Lanegan Band *USA*
Marky Ramones Blitzkrieg *USA*
Marmozets *UK*
Maroon *GER*
Mars Volta (The) *USA*
Martina Topley-Bird *UK*
Mass Hysteria *FR*
Massive Attack *UK*
Mastahfulbeat *BE*
Master *USA*
Masterplan *GER*
Masters of Rebellions *BE*
Mastodon *USA*
Max Pie *BE*
Maximum the Hormone *JPN*
Maybeshewill *UK*
Mayhem *NOR*
Megadeth *USA*
Megaherz *GER*
Mehtnakriss *FR*
Melechesh *ISR*
Members of Marvelas *BE*
Menace *UK*
Menzingers (The) *USA*
Merauder *USA*
Mercenary *DK*
Merchandise *UK*
Meshuggah *SWE*
Metal Church *USA*
Metallica *USA*
Metempsychosis *BE*
Methusalem *NL*
Metrydia *BE*
Midnattsol *NOR*
Miles To Perdition *LUX*
Milking the Goatmachine *GER*
Mindless Self Indulgence *USA*
Ministry *USA*
Minogue Kylie *AUS*
Miret Roger & the Disasters *USA*
Misanthrope *FR*
Misery Index *USA*
Misery Speaks *GER*
Missiles of October *BE*
Mission (The) *UK*
Misteur Valaire *CAN*
Moby *USA*
Mogwai *UK*
Moker *BE*
Molotov Solution *USA*
Monkey Dress *BE*
Monolith Deathcult (The) *NL*
Mononc' Serge *CAN*
Mononc' Serge & Anonymus *CAN*
Monster Magnet *USA*
Moon Invaders (The) *BE*
Moonchild *BE*
Moonsorrow *FIN*
Moonspell *POR*
Moorings (The) *FR*
Morbid Flesh *ESP*
More Than a Thousand *POR*
Morning *NL*
Morning Chaos *BE*
Morning Red *BE*
Morpain *FR*
Mötley Crüe *USA*
Motörhead *UK*
Mount Eerie *USA*
Mournful Congregation *AUS*
Mucus *BE*
Mudwall *BE*
Municipal Waste *USA*
Murderdolls *USA*
Murdock *BE*
Muse *UK*
Mushroom Parano *BE*
My Aim *BE*
My Dying Bride *UK*
My Favorite Scar *NL*
My Imaginary Rock Band *BE*
My Own Private Alaska *FR*
My Raven *BE*
Mypollux *FR*
Mystica *BE*
- N -
Nada Surf *USA*
Naildown *FIN*
Napalm Death *UK*
Nasty *BE*
Nasum *SWE*
Natron *ITA*
Naughty Mouse *BE*
Nazi Dogs *GER*
Necrophobic *SWE*
Neaera *GER*
Negura Bunget *ROU*
Nemesis Irae *BE*
Nenfants Perdus (Les) *BE*
Nephtys *BE*
Nervecell *UAE*
Neurosis *USA*
Neverlight Horizon *BE*
Nevermore *USA*
New Model Army *UK*
New York Dolls *USA*
Newsted *USA*
Nexilva *UK*
Nifelheim *SWE*
Night Howl *BE*
Nightmare *FR*
Nightwish *FIN*
Nile *USA*
Nina Hagen Band *GER*
Nine Inch Nails *USA*
No Brain *BE*
No Fatality *BE*
No Mas Control *BE*
No Matter What You Say *BE*
No One Is Innocent *FR*
No Return *FR*
No Turning Back *NL*
No Use for a Name *USA*
Noctem *ESP*
Nodens *BE*
Northlane *AUS*
Novembers Doom *USA*
Now, Voyager *BE*
- O -
Oath (The) *FR*
Obituary *USA*
Obliteration *NOR*
Obscura *GER*
Ocean (The) *GER*
O'Connor Sinéad *IRL*
Odd Dimension *ITA*
Oidehe Baaltinne *BE*
Offspring (The) *USA*
Ogres de Barback (Les) *FR*
Old Dead Tree (The) *FR*
Om-Die *BE*
Omerta *BE*
Once Upon a Time *BE*
One Man Terror *FR*
Onheil *NL*
Oomph! *GER*
Opeth *SWE*
Orange Goblin *UK*
Orb (The) *UK*
Ordher (The) *BRA*
Orange Man Theory (The) *ITA*
Orion's Night *BE*
Orna *BE*
Orphaned Land *ISR*
Osbourne Ozzy *UK*
Ostrogoth *BE*
Ötiss *BE*
Otto Von Schirach *USA*
Our Last Dream *BE*
Outernational *USA*
Outkast *USA*
Ozwald Ozzy *BE*
- P -
P.O. Box *FR*
P.O.D. *USA*
Pain *SWE*
Pallett Owen *CAN*
Panchrysia *BE*
Paon *BE*
Papa Roach *USA*
Parabellum *FR*
Paradise Lost *UK*
Parkway Drive *AUS*
Parquet Courts *USA*
Pelican *USA*
Pennywise *USA*
Perfect Pussy *USA*
Periphery *USA*
Pestifer *BE*
Peter Pan Speedrock *NL*
Phallomachia *BE*
Phaze (La) *FR*
Phoenix *FR*
Pignition *BE*
Placebo *UK*
Planey *BE*
Pleymo *FR*
Poesie Noire *BE*
Pogues (The) *UK*
Polyphonic Size *BE*
Porcupine Tree *UK*
Poodles (The) *SWE*
Possessed *USA*
Possession *BE*
Poulycroc *BE*
Poupée Sanglante (La) *BE*
Powerman 5000 *USA*
Powerwolf *GER*
Pray For Blood *BE*
Primal Fear *GER*
Primate's Troopers *BE*
Primordial *IRL*
Pro-Pain *USA*
Prodigy (The) *UK*
Prohibited Class *BE*
Project for Bastards *FR*
Prong *USA*
Prostitute Disfigurement *NL*
Protest the Hero *CAN*
Providence *FR*
Psalm *BE*
Psychedelic Furs (The) *UK*
Psychotic Waltz *USA*
Psycroptic *AUS*
Public Enemy *USA*
Public Image Limited *UK*
Punish Yourself *FR*
Purple Halo *BE*
Pushed Too Far *BE*
- Q -
Queens of the Stone Age *USA*
Quicksand *USA*
Quitely Crazy *BE*
- R -
Radium *FR*
Rafflesia *BE*
Rage *GER*
Rage Against the Machine *USA*
Raging Speedhorn *UK*
Raketkanon *BE*
Ramallah *USA*
Rammstein *GER*
Ramone et Pedro c'est Pas des Rigolos *FR*
Ramoneurs de Menhirs (Les) *FR*
Reach the Shore *BE*
Reborn from Remains *BE*
Recoil *UK*
Recount *GER*
Red *USA*
Red Fang *USA*
Red Hot Chili Peppers *USA*
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry *UK*
Red Mourning *FR*
Règle de III (La) BE
Reject *BE*
Repulsïon *BE*
Resistance *BE*
Revamp *NL*
Revco World *BE*
Rhapsody of Fire *ITA*
Rise & Fall *BE*
Rise of the Northstar *FR*
Rob Zombie *USA*
Robbing Millions *BE*
Rods (The) *USA*
Rolo Tomassi *UK*
Romano Nervoso *BE*
Rotten Sound *FIN*
Rotting Christ *GRC*
Ruda (La) *FR*
Ruins of Beverast (The) *GER*
Russian Circles *USA*
- S -
S.Box *BE*
S.K.I.P. (The) *BE*
Sabaton *SWE*
Sabotage *BE*
Sacred Reich *USA*
Sad Siberia *BE*
Sadist *ITA*
Saez *FR*
Safety Fire (The) *UK*
Saille *BE*
Saints and Sinners *FR*
Saltatio Mortis *GER*
Samael *CH*
Sane *BE*
Sanguis Orbis *BE*
Sarah Tue Moi *BE*
Sardonic *GER*
Sarkom *NOR*
Satyricon *NOR*
Saxon *UK*
Scar Symmetry *SWE*
Scargod *AUT*
Scarin'Myself *BE*
Scarlet Anger *LUX*
Scarr Kelli *USA*
Scarred *LUX*
Schelmish *GER*
Scorpions *GER*
Script (The) *IRL*
Seasick Steve *USA*
Seether *RSA*
Sekhmet *BE*
Sekhmet *FR*
Selecter (The) *UK*
Septicflesh *GRC*
Sepulchral Voices *BE*
Sepultura *BRA*
Serenity *AUT*
Serial Butcher *BE*
Set the Tone *BE*
Setherial *SWE*
Settle the Score *GER*
Setup (The) *BE*
Seven Kingdoms *USA*
Seven Tongues of God *BE*
Seventh Wave *CH*
Severe Torture *NL*
Sex Pistols (The) *UK*
Shadocks *BE*
Shah-Mat *BE*
Shaka Ponk *FR*
Shargath *BE*
Sharko *BE*
Shinedown *USA*
Shining *SWE*
Shogun *BE*
Shoot the Girl First *FR*
Shove-It *BE*
Sick of It All *USA*
Sickening Entertainment *BE*
Sidilarsen *FR*
Sigh *JAP*
Signs of Algorithm *BE*
Sihia *FR*
Sikh *FR*
Silence Breakers *BE*
Silent *BE*
Silent Cheers *BE*
Silent Screams *UK*
Silversun Pickups *USA*
Simple Minds *UK*
Sincerity *UK*
Sinister *NL*
Sirenia *NOR*
Six Grammes Eight *FR*
Six Feet Under *USA*
Skálmöld *ISL*
Skarbone 14 *BE*
Skarhead *USA*
Skeletonwitch *USA*
Skelt's *BE*
Skeptical Minds *BE*
Skindred *UK*
Skinless *USA*
Skillet *USA*
Skyline *BE*
Slaches (Les) *BE*
Slash *USA*
Slash_Underscore *BE*
Slaughtered *FR*
Slaughtery *BE*
Slayer *USA*
Sleeping Death *BE*
Slipknot *USA*
Slowdive *UK*
Slugs (Les) *BE*
Smala et Moi (La) *BE*
Smash Hit Combo *FR*
Smashing Pumpkins (The) *USA*
Smith Patti *USA*
Snake and Plissken *BE*
sOAk *BE*
Soilwork *SWE*
Solace of Requiem *USA*
Soldout *BE*
Sonata Arctica *FIN*
Soulfly *USA*
Sound Storm *ITA*
Soundgarden *USA*
Speaking Corner *BE*
Spermafrost *BE*
Spiritual Beggars *SWE*
SpitBack *FR*
Spitdown *BE*
Spoil Engine *BE*
Spoons of Knowledge *BE*
Sproqueville Ramblers *BE*
Spudmonsters (The) *USA*
Stab *BE*
Stainless *BE*
Stand For Truth *BE*
Starlets Dogfight *BE*
Starsailor *UK*
Static-X *USA*
Steak Number Eight *BE*
Steel Panther *USA*
Stellla *BE*
Stereotypical Working Class *FR*
Stick to Your Guns *USA*
Stigma *USA*
Stone Goats *BE*
Stone Leek *JPN*
Stone Remains *FR*
Stone Sour *USA*
Stone Temple Pilots *USA*
Straight From Hate *BE*
Stranglers (The) *UK*
Stratovarius *FIN*
Straws (The) *BE*
Stream of Passion *NL*
Street Drum Corps *USA*
Strife *USA*
Struggling For Reason *BE*
Stupeflip *FR*
Succubes (The) *BE*
Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition *FR*
Subscape *UK*
Suffocation *USA*
Suicidal Angels *GRC*
Suicidal Tendencies *USA*
Suicide of Demons *BE*
Suicide Silence *USA*
Sun Glitters *LUX*
Superbus *FR*
Surfer Blood *USA*
Surge of Fury *BE*
Survivors Zero *FIN*
Svart Crown *FR*
Svarttjern *NOR*
Swashbuckle *USA*
Switch (The) *BE*
Sword (The) *USA*
Sworn Amongst *UK*
Sworn Enemy *USA*
Sybreed *CH*
Sylosis *UK*
Symphony X *USA*
System Divide *USA*
System of a Down *USA*
- T -
Taake *NOR*
Tagada Jones *FR*
Tangerines (The) *BE*
Tankard *GER*
Tankian Serj *USA*
Tarja *FIN*
Tarot *FIN*
Tavernile *BE*
Temple of Baal *FR*
Temples *UK*
Temptations for the Weak *BE*
Terror *USA*
Texas in July *USA*
Textures *NL*
Thaurorod *FIN*
Theconflitto *ITA*
Therion *SWE*
Thick As Blood *USA*
Thin and the Fat Guy's *BE*
Thin Lizzy *IRL*
This Will Destroy You *USA*
Thot *BE*
Three Trapped Tigers *UK*
Thulcandra *GER*
Thy Art Is Murder *AUS*
Thyrfing *SWE*
Tiamat *SWE*
Tijuana in Red *BE*
Timeleft *BE*
Times of Grace *USA*
Tomahawk *USA*
Tonight Alive *AUS*
Too Young to Die *BE*
Tool *USA*
Total Fucking Destruction *USA*
Total Racoon *BE*
Toxic Waste *FR*
Trail of Tears *NOR*
Traffic Lights *BE*
Transmission *BE*
Trapped Under Ice *USA*
Treatment (The) *UK*
Trepalium *FR*
Treponem Pal *FR*
Trial & Error *UK*
Tribulation *SWE*
Trigger the Bloodshed *UK*
Triggerfinger *BE*
Triosphere *NOR*
Triptykon *CH*
Tristania *NOR*
Trivium *USA*
TrollfesT *NOR*
Trouble Agency *BE*
Truth in Blood *BE*
Tryo *FR*
Turbonegro *NOR*
Turbowolf *UK*
Turisas *FIN*
Twelve Tribes *USA*
Twisted Sister *USA*
Two Door Cinema Club *UK*
Type O Negative *USA*
- U -
U2 *IRL*
Ugly Kid Joe *USA*
UK Subs *UK*
Ulcerate *NZ*
Ultra Vomit *FR*
Ultraphallus *BE*
Uncommonmenfrommars *FR*
Under the Pledge of Secrecy *GER*
Unearth *USA*
Unida *USA*
Unleashed *SWE*
Unseen By Most Eyes *BE*
Unsu *FR*
UnSun *POL*
Unswabbed *BE*
Upon This Dawning *ITA*
Urban Voodoo Machine (The) *UK*
Urgehal *NOR*
Urzamoth *BE*
- V -
Vader *POL*
Valkyrja *SWE*
Van Buuren Armin *NL*
Van Giersbergen Anneke *NL*
Vegas *BE*
Vegastar *FR*
Veil of Maya *USA*
Velvetseal *HUN*
Venetian Snares *CAN*
Vexillum *ITA*
Vhan *BE*
Vibrion *ARG*
Vintage Dinosaur *BE*
Virgin Sextape *BE*
Virus IV *BE*
Visage *UK*
Visions of Atlantis *AUT*
Vismets *BE*
Vitalic *FR*
Vitriolised *BE*
Vladimir Platine *BE*
Volbeat *DK*
Vollebekk Leif *CAN*
Vomitile *CYP*
Vomitory *SWE*
Voodoo Glow Skulls *USA*
Voodoo Six *UK*
Vortex *BE*
- W -
W.A.N.E. *BE*
W.A.S.P. *USA*
W.I.L.D *FR*
Wahwahsda *BE*
Waking the Cadaver *USA*
Walking Dead Orchestra (The) *FR*
Wall Jall *BE*
Wallace Vanborn *BE*
Walls of Jericho *USA*
War From a Harlots Mouth *GER*
Warbringer *USA*
Wasted Years *BE*
Watain *SWE*
Watcha *FR*
We Came Bearing Arms *BE*
When Blood Burns *BE*
When Diamonds Fade *BE*
When Hope Escapes *BE*
Where Eagles Dare *FR*
While She Sleeps *UK*
White Lies *UK*
White Skull *ITA*
Whitesnake *UK*
Why Not *BE*
Whyzdom *FR*
Wild Boar & Bull Brass Band *BE*
Wilson Steven *UK*
Winterfylleth *UK*
Wisdom in Chains *USA*
Witchking *POL*
Within Temptation *NL*
Within the Ruins *USA*
Wobble Jah *UK*
Wolfmother *AUS*
Wolves Scream *BE*
Wrong Decision *BE*
Wrong Kid Died (The) *BE*
Wu-Tang Clan *USA*
Wünjo *FR*
- X -
X-Makeena *FR*
- Y -
Yata *BE*
Yeah Yeah Yeahs *USA*
Year of the Goat *SWE*
Years of Tyrants *FR*
Young Gods (The) *CH*
Your Demise *UK*
Yussuf Jerusalem *FR*
- Z -
Zebrahead *USA*
Zonaria *SWE*
Zuul Fx *FR*

Last.FM Milestones1st track: (16 May 2009)
Mambassa Blouz Band - intro du spectacle
5000th track: (19 Oct 2009)
Van Halen - Little Dreamer
10000th track: (20 Dec 2009)
Aqme - Les matamores
15000th track: (14 Mar 2010)
Airbourne - Overdrive
20000th track: (20 May 2010)
X Makeena - Gratrev
25000th track: (29 Jun 2010)
Witchking - The Third One
30000th track: (17 Aug 2010)
Blind Guardian - A Voice in the Dark
35000th track: (02 Oct 2010)
Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen (Alternate Take)(Alternate Version)(Version)
40000th track: (25 Nov 2010)
Atrophy - Things Change
45000th track: (08 Jan 2011)
Artension - Take Me in Your Arms
50000th track: (12 Mar 2011)
Dirty Fingers - Thirteen
55000th track: (12 May 2011)
Bai Bang - Cop to con
60000th track: (27 Jun 2011)
Aesthesia - Tales Of Underground
65000th track: (22 Aug 2011)
Rupture - The Religion That Hath No Name
70000th track: (26 Oct 2011)
Hayseed Dixie - Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
75000th track: (15 Dec 2011)
Brainstorm - The Leading
80000th track: (23 Feb 2012)
Lost Soul - Beast Rising
85000th track: (12 May 2012)
Nightqueen - Mystical Night
90000th track: (27 Jun 2012)
Nasum - Can De Lach
95000th track: (26 Aug 2012)
Pen of Chaos - Donjon de Naheulbeuk 11
100000th track: (02 Nov 2012)
Visionaries - The Corrupt Mindset
105000th track: (30 Dec 2012)
Skelt's - A Californian Dreamare
110000th track: (26 Feb 2013)
The End Result - The Great Cycle
115000th track: (14 May 2013)
Emptiness of Life - Pharos
120000th track: (10 Jul 2013)
Cult of Luna - The One
125000th track: (22 Aug 2013)
Blood Ceremony - The Eldritch Dark
130000th track: (28 Sep 2013)
Dimlight - Quest Of The Fallen
135000th track: (14 Nov 2013)
Darktek - Old Up
140000th track: (21 Dec 2013)
The Black Heart Rebellion - Gold And Myrrh
145000th track: (17 Jan 2014)
Nasty - Scheisse
150000th track: (27 Feb 2014)
Kampfar - Mare
155000th track: (05 Apr 2014)
Drudkh - Ten, ktery se vyhyba svetlu
160000th track: (13 May 2014)
Barbie On Deathtrip - I Fxxxing Hate You
165000th track: (13 Jun 2014)
Coffin Dust - Mary Jane Rotten Crotch
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