• iTunes on Windows scrobbler?

    Giu 30 2009, 20:50

    Anybody know how to get tracks to scrobble from iTunes on Windows? I've only got the iTunes working on my laptop, which has a reasonable scrobbler. I can't keep using the winamp one I used to on Windows because that won't connect to my iPod Touch as easily. Any help is appreciated.
  • Damn

    Feb 4 2009, 7:07

    You know you've fucked up when you've lived in the hometown of a band for 7 years and never listened to them. Kick my ass, of Montreal is great. Disco-funk isn't really my thing (my excuse for never listening to them), but I've been listening to these albums non-stop since the Jon Brion mixes came my way. Just goes to show you, don't sell something down the river until you're sure.
  • Strange

    Set 23 2008, 6:57

    I just realized, I've almost never even listened to a Fiona Apple song other than something off of Extraordinary Machine. I mean, at all. Roughly 850 listens, and it's all been to the exact same album. That's pretty sad, if you ask me. I'm a huge Ben Harper fan and I haven't even listened to any of his albums near that many times. I don't even really like Apple! I just like that one album. Looking at this, you'd think that was my favorite album ever.
  • Got a great recommendation a few days ago

    Giu 13 2008, 1:42

    I was talking to one of my many bosses (bossi?) and they clued me in on the Trojan Reggae compilation series. There are like 60 3-Disc box sets that the Trojan record label has released. Heads up, I had no idea. I went by School Kids, and they had a couple. Picked one up, and I'm hooked. I went back today during lunch and ordered two more. I found one online that was a Beatles reggae compilation, which I obviously needed.