A journal purely about music??


Lug 1 2007, 23:10


Well, i've spent the last month obsessing about Elliot Minor - i went to see them live in Brighton on the 21st of June (by myself) and i've been watching their various Weblogs on YouTube repeatedly. Hopefully their album will be out this month, though i haven't seen that confirmed anywhere... :S But Jessica is definitely coming out and that'll keep me sane in the mean time. I'm determined not to download any of their music by *wink, wink, nudge, nudge* other means... coz let's face it, since they're not that well known yet, they're gona need all the support they can get... (even if i am a poor student *grumble* :P)

Other stuff... erm, i'm looking out for ANY live event where i can finally see Keane live... might have to be 2008 at this rate... they're only playing one gig that i could possibly get to on the 21st July at the old Millenium Dome. Not possible :(.

Not much else, i'm listening to a bit more of The Fray than i thought i would... i'm slightly behind everyone else but *shrug* better late than never! Loving Heaven Forbid! Feels like my bloody theme song!lol

Anyway, until i discover any new music worth mentioning... ttfn xxx


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