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Gen 26 2008, 14:04

The most amazing shit can happen when you're stoned.

Like seriously.

Some of the best music known to man, can come from being totally stoned. Observe:

Steve: Richie. Dude. I'm so bored.
Jason: Yeah. Yeah, me too... Are you hungry?
Steve: Not really. Maybe if we cook something really complicated, then we'll be hungry by the time it's done.
Jason: Yeah... But I can't cook right when I'm not hungry.
Steve: Okay.
Steve: Dude, the new shit these days is soooo gay.
Jason: I know, dude, it's gay. So, *so* gay.
Jason: Why do people say that?
Steve: Say what?
Jason: ...Gay.
Steve: I dunno. It's silly. How is something "gay?" Does it have relations with other beings of the same sex? It's fun though. Saying it I mean... Gaaaaaayyyyy.
Jason: Gaaaaaaayyyyyyy.
Steve: Gay. Gay gay gay. Gay g-g-gay g-gay-g-gay gay.
Jason: Dude, that's gay.
Steve: Your mom is gay.
Jason: I know. Your mom told me. When I was doing her.
Steve: Oh shit.
Jason: Ohhhh shit...
*silence* they hear crickets in the distance.
Steve: Dude, let's get stoned.
Jason: Yes. Let's.
Steve: You got?
Jason: Don't ask such homosexual questions.

10 minutes later...

Jason: Dude you look like a HOBBIT!!
Steve: No i don't. Oh my god, I'm hairy!
(they laugh hysterically. Jason starts to play the hobbit's drinking song)
Steve: This sounds so cool stoned. Listen:
(Steve picks up his bass and starts to jam)
Jason: Yeah dude. Wait, what about this?
(Jason parallels the bass)
Steve: Niiiiiiice. I totally tripped to that noise. Do it again.
Jason: ohhhhhheavy...

And thus, Dead Meadow's Beyond the Fields We Know was born. Okay maybe they weren't bored, but

Moral of the story: Get bored. Get stoned. Make music.

Beyond the Fields We Know


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