Top 4 Boogie-ing with Barry Gibb :D


Mag 12 2007, 4:49

Finally Top 4 night! This week, they sing songs from Beegee's Barry Gibb! Being mentored by the legend himself, how did they actually do?

Melinda Doolittle

1st Song: Love You Inside Out
I thought it was ok. It was sung with good vocals as usual Melinda-styled. It was relatively enjoyable, but, I thought it felt very safe and she could have done better. Overall, not "wow" enough.

2nd Song: How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
It was nice, calm and soothing. It started a tad boring, but the bridge and ending was moving. I as "touched". And oh, I don;t know why but I felt like swaying thoughout this song. xD

Overall Performance Rating(OPR): 7.5/10

Blake Lewis

1st Song: You Should Be Dancin'
I thought he had a nice falsetto singing this song. It was certainly entertaining with all the moves and beat-boxing and his cute face(Note: Soft Spot), but come again, its a singing competition. Plus, I thought he beat-boxed better than he sang. Defeats the purpose of American Idol.

2nd Song: This Is The Danger Zone
The performance was so-so. Ok fine. It was a little boring. What's new. Beat-boxing again. Sighs. Overrated and overused my lad! If he continues like that, he's gonna be known for beat-boxing. Singing? Nada. He's not gonna make it into the finals like this anyways. :|

OPR: 6/10

LaKisha Jones

1st Song: Stayin' Alive
Ok, first something I have always wanted to say about LaKisha that was always there and it was something none other contestant could do as good as her. She dressed like a diva, walked out like a diva and moved like a diva! Wham! She has great stage prescence. Unfortunately, other than that, it was a lil boring. Had a nice song arrangement though. :)

2nd Song: Run to Me
I personally thought she sang it very emotionally. She has a appropriate approach to the song and it made me "felt" the song. It was fairly good. but I must say, the 2nd half of the song brought it to a higher level.

OPR: 6.5/10

Jordin Sparks

1st Song: To Love Somebody
She looked great, sang great and was the best so far in the round of 1st songs. I could feel the song through her singing plus it made me smileeeee while watching. :D Despite all these, I still felt that jordin could have done a lil better though this was already great. Oh well. Great singers have high expectations! :D

2nd Song: Woman In Love
She started it well and carried on with the song with her delightful vocals :D It had a "touch" to it and it was certainly up to standards. A hundred percent enjoyable. :D

OPR: 8.5/10 </3

All in all, I still thought Boogie/Disco night was kinda horrible for the contestants. Haha. None of them did really really well, but Jordin was quite close though.
Jordin proved her singing chops and reserved a spot in the finals, together with the consistant Melinda.
Blake is getting stale ad I thought he should be out rather than LaKisha, but, oh well. Blake has far too big a fanbase than LaKisha. Both of them are gonna go out within this 2 weeks anyway.
If LaKisha stayed, I could have seen more Diva and hear more (assumingly) great performances. While on the other hand, now I can see more of Blake's cute face and some of that beat-boxing for another week.

Oh well, now my dream of a all female top 3 armsrace is gone.

Jordin Sparks, Melinda Doolittle, LaKisha Jones and Blake Lewis. Mentored by Barry Gibb

Love You Inside Out, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart
You Should Be Dancin', This Is The Danger Zone
Stayin' Alive, Run To Me
To Love Somebody, woman in love


  • Louise777

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    Giu 16 2008, 15:33
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