Insult Your Top 20


Apr 16 2008, 12:42

1. Tonéx -- Mr. I'm Too Cool for School you make me so sick with your limited releases on MySpace that no one except for those who happened to log in that day got a free copy of the now shelved Stereotypes: Steel & Velvet album. If I didn't love your music so much I SWEAR...yeah.

2.Amel Larrieux -- Sure you've got an amazingly beautiful voice and are SEVERELY underrated but if you release some more BS like Lovely Standards I will deliberately make sure you fall from my top 20. A long fall.

3. Deitrick Haddon -- You. Stop with the nonsense Voices of Unity collabos already. Stick to solo music and keep the Damita Haddon appearances low. Very low.

4. Jill Scott -- It sucks that you're this high in my top. The ONLY reason you're here, Jilly from Philly, is because my boyfriend is in love with you. If you weren't so damned talented I would have more evil things to say.

5. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony -- Leave the whack ass Mariah Carey collabos alone. How do you have a collabo with Yolanda Adams in one track and then go on to talk about shootin niggas up in the very next track? Get it together.

6. Tye Tribbett & G.A. -- Sit your little hyper self down for TEN MINUTES! Only Tye & GA dances even during a SLOW song. I'll be in stores to buy the new recording when you release it because I am a slave to your music. Damn you.

7. Ricky Dillard -- Some songs never need to be remade. Andrae Crouch songs are among them.

8. Alicia Keys -- Stop trying to make us believe that you like boy candy, Alicia.

9. Brandy -- No more "spiritual unions" okay? And umm no more cellphones and driving either maybe? And while we're on it, no more ex "husband" into cat tattoos either. Ughh.

10. Stevie Wonder -- I can't do it. I can't insult Stevie. Sorry.

11. Boyz II Men -- That last album was craptacular. Enough said.

12. The Spinners -- How can you insult an artist who CLEARLY states that Happiness is Being with the Spinners? I agree ^_^

13. Janet Jackson -- I have a slight girl crush on you because you're still really hot. Musically, eh well things have been on a slight decline since All 4 U.

14. The Clark Sisters -- Wait a minute, wait a minute Karen! You just done took off running and we did NOT ask you to do all of that. Jackie put the mic up to your mouth. Dorinda, stop preaching sermonettes in the middle of the recording. KAREN YOU JUST DONE WENT OFF INTO ALL OF YOUR OLD HITS! Twinkie wait a minute them is not words! On a sidenote, when yall do invidual projects STOP putting new spins on old Clark Sister songs! LOL you get the picture..

15. Earth, Wind & Fire -- Dammit Philip Bailey why do you have a higher falsetto than most women I know? Eff you, Philip. EFF YOU! Why do I have 13 albums and I'm STILL short on my discography?! EFF YOU!

16. The Ohio Players -- Anything negative that can be said is always redeemed by the Honey album. Damn you Masters of FUNK!

17. Kelis -- You ever gonna go seriously mainstream? I Don't Think So!

18. Amy Winehouse -- Braud eat this damn sandwich.

19. The Anointed Pace Sisters -- Duranice, if I ever catch you with a 1980s throwback wig I will PERSONALLY pay you a visit. Is it just me or was It's Already Done released on an earlier album before you put it on RETURN. And, let's stop infusing lyrics from your old albums into new songs. Yall and them Clark chirren is known for this.

20. Toni Braxton -- You're hospitalized so you're spared for the moment.


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