• Income Tax UK

    Gen 28 2014, 14:39

    Some politicians, usually Labour, seek to increase the top rate of I/tax to 50p in the pound , from the present 45p.

    As 30% of all Income Tax gathered is presently paid by only 1 % of all earners, and 14.1 % of all I/ T is paid by the very top 0.1%, it would seem the 'rich' are more than contributing a fair share in this respect. Any increase would merely drive many such people out of the country and would not increase the amount of tax taken, more likely reducing the amount.

    This proposal is mistaken and merely an aspect of ' the politics of envy'. Pitiful.
  • The late Mr Duggan

    Gen 12 2014, 16:36

    Reports re Mr Duggan indicate that he had a white mother, black father. From entering school he appeared to be a thorough nuisance throughout his school life. Having left by his late teens he kept up this anti social behaviour right up until his early death. He was often asscociated with criminal behaviour, including dealing/using drugs, and implicated in at least two shootings, although little could be legally proved against him. It could be proved he had a gun right up to the last few minutes of his life, indeed the man who supplied the weapon to Mr D is now in prison for this offence. Mr D was known to the police as a volatile, rather violent person, and there is little to surprise re the manner of his death.
    His family and friends would all have been aware of his lifestyle, but presently seem to be trying to portray him as really decent man 'executed' by the police.
    People such as Mr D have been, and many others continue to be, a blot and drain on society, both generally and specifically in the areas in which they happen to live. Sadly , one concludes that those that behave in bad , often criminal, ways, generating mayhem around them are best removed from society. The authorities should be a lot firmer in dealing with all miscreants.
  • Megan Stammers and her teacher Mr Forrest

    Giu 27 2013, 16:00

    Law shown up as ridiculous re the just completed trial re Miss Stammers and teacher. Firstly, she could not be named for 'legal reasons', nor her family, when the media reported on the trial. The fact that the world at large knew her name and circumstances from the mass reporting on her leaving the UK, summer 2012 , apparently abducted but actually leaving of her own free will.Secondly, the 5 year sentence for teacher seems over the top, given all the facts. One feels the Establishment wanted to make an example of him. Anyways, he will be out fairly soon, as he has been remanded in custody for 7/8 months and this will count to his sentence..... likely to be freed on licence by end 2015.
  • Tau Ceti

    Dic 21 2012, 16:16

    Star known as Tau Ceti, in the constellation of Cetus and some 12 light years from our Sun, would appear to have 5 planets orbiting. Whilst all have a larger mass than Earth, one lies in the star's 'Goldilocks zone', the orbital region that is neither too hot nor too cold to allow liquid surface water and, potentially, life.
    This brings the number of planets discovered around other stars up to nearly 900 as at December 2012. None are known, as yet, too be habitable by humans, but the search goes on and sooner or later a match, or near match, for Earth is likely to be discovered.
    There is other life out there, for beyond the known universe of around 13 billion years duration lies the 'unknown' and 'unseeable' universe. All is still expanding, even though entropy rules. One just needs to hang around for a few million years or so, to see what happens. :)
  • Mankind......... of mind, not masculinity

    Set 27 2012, 16:09

    Professor Bettany Hughes ' research shows that the origin of the word 'man' comes from 'manu' - this means mind. It does NOT mean a male person but recognises that ALL people are THINKING BEINGS. In the 5th century BC, in Athens Socrates , with vision and clarity, noted that women were not fulfilling their true potential, which is bad for society. Not a lot has changed since then,although Western democracies are edging towards fulfilling feminine potential.
    Just about all religions in the last 2 millennia subverted the role of women in life, the majority of countries still so doing, especially Muslim areas. Christian society has slowly improved, but only noticeably in the last 100/150 years or so. Prior to that males dominated, primarily due to being physically stronger, one imagines.
    Hopefully matters will change for the better throughout the world, so that ALL people can have the opportunity to get some where near to achieving their true potential. But it will need a lot of men to change their mindsets, and for all religions to adapt. We shall see.
  • Foreign Criminals

    Set 14 2012, 15:51

    The UK is being targeted by eastern European criminals in recent years, since the opening of the borders carried out by the previous(incompetent) government. Present government needs to urgently tighten up matters, as evidenced from figures issued by the West Midlans Police.

    These show, for example, that 7,716 foreign suspects were arrested by the force between April 2010 and March 2011-- between April 2011 and March 2012 this figure rose to 11,801 arrested. A variety of offences were involved, both sexual, violent and robbery etc. Most prolific offenders were Romanians, 1329 being detained, and over 1,000 Poles were arrested in 2011, compared with 614 in 2010. Police picked up 440 Lithuanians, up from 235, and 322 Latvians compared with 193 in previous years. Overall, crime in the force area has dropped, making these figures re foreigners more noticeable.

    Situation needs to be dealt with, fairly of course, but very firmly and vigorously.
  • 1950s Britain

    Ago 30 2012, 15:03

    Back in 1953 Queen Elizabeth 11 was crowned and shortly before Mount Everest was conquered. And England won the Ashes back. Three bright spots, unlike the background to these events.
    Meat was still rationed, and rationing of food was only just starting to end, whilst very few British households had a car, telephone or television. Many did not even have a refridgerator. Many cities, especially the ports, London and in the south east were still cratered with bomb sites, crumbling buildings and a down at heel look.
    The Soviet Union occupied half of Europe, remained on a war footing and threatened the rest of Europe. Nuclear weapons posed the likelihood of annihilation of civilisation, whilst the Korean War was being bitterly fought against the Communist China.
    Daily life for most people was a struggle to earn a living income, whilst there was a chronic shortage of housing, a limited diet and poor quality clothing, often hand me down. Few could afford wine, and few had travelled abroad, ( apart from Service personnel). And the Government was struggling with Britain's political, economic and empirical decline.

    Desperate days indeed, but slowly the tide of events turned for the better, as the energies and skills of significant numbers of people led a ground swell of recovery, despite all the difficulties and also the general incompetence of politicians.

    Once into the 1960s the gradual upward trend has continued, with cyclical ups and downs every 17/ 20 years along the way. Very much down at present, but we have experienced worse.
  • Why did I say that??

    Ago 15 2012, 16:16

    Some people like to predict the future........ frequently they rather make fools of themselves. For example,'Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value'.... so said Marshall FOCH, French military strategist And W W 1 commander, in 1911!!
    The USA commissioner of patents, C H Duell, said, in 1899, 'Everything that can be invented has been invented'.
    Albert Einstein's elementary school teacher said of AE that 'he's not very intelligent'. And Michael Jordan's high school coach said ' He doesn't have much talent...., whilst Decca Records rejected the Beatles in 1962, stating ' WE dont like their sound. Groups and guitars are on the way out'...... ----

    whilst Sir Winston Churchill received abysmal reports on his work as a pupil at Harrow, and was advised that he would never amount to much. And in 1929 Yale University's Economics professor, Irving Fisher, stated that 'Stocks have reached what looks like a permanently high plateau'.

    One could go on, these being just a few examples 9one has noticed. The lesson to be learnt is that no one knows what is going to happen, overall, generally and to individuals. And just because somone, or indeed anyone, is in a position of authority, it does not necessarily follow that they really know what they are doing. ;0
  • 18th Century Grandfather

    Ago 4 2012, 16:52

    Have recently learned of several folk who had a grand parent that was born in the early 19th century. Interesting, but have now heard about Richard Bremberg, who was born in 1920, some 92 years ago. His father was 69 when Richard was born, having been born in 1851. Better still, his father and, obviously, Richard's grandfather, and who died in 1871 , was actually born in 1798 !!! Some 214 years ago. Great stuff............ likely that there are a few more out there, I imagine.
  • At the end of the day, the most used word.... and phrase.

    Ago 2 2012, 15:52

    Research by Matjaz Perc, a Slovenian mathematics professor, suggests that 'At the end of the day' is the most commonly used phrase in the English language. Whilst it annoys some people, it occurred in written form more times since the 1950s than any other phrase.

    This resulted from a study of 5.2 million books, showing these 5 words formed the most used 5 word phrase. Other 5 word phrases in the top 100 included ''the United States of America'' and ''like to make a donation''. In contrast books written in 1520 AD, mainly dominated by religious themes, had in first place ''the Pope and his followers'', with ''into the hands of Rome'' in second place.

    The study by Professor Perc also revealed the most commonly used word was ' the'', followed by ''and'' , ''of '', ''to'' , ''a'' , '' in '' , '' that '' and ''is'' .

    So , howsabout that, then?