Joy Divisial Bureau of Investigation


Nov 29 2011, 23:08

Hi !

Hands up. You have the right to keep silent.

If you prefer to speak loud, you can contribute to the Global Enquiry for collecting the list of Bands Known or Obscure who Sound like Joy Division especially concerning the rythmical section .

So, I ask you for the last time : which bands do you know with a big round obsessive rythm ?

Commenti accettati
Laibach, Chef Musinum, Warmzine, People For the Total Abolishment Of Zombie Slavery, Double Bass Players, Caribbean Sound, Pilkipedia, Emo Punk Rock, Jack Nicholson, Punk-Art, Sisters of Mercy, Bass Communion, Black is the color, New Zealand Punk, psychobilly crew PL, An endless journey from electro to synth pop, Third Wave Industrial Music, Jazz punk, jazz grind, jazzcore, jazz metal, Saudi Scrobblers, Punk Insider Gruppe, Dying For Bad Music, Hating people's taste in music is LAME, World Fusion, Female Singer-Songwriter of the Week, Hemma hos, Open Trance Group, Open Mind, Phantom Fm, > Facebook, Russian Synth Community, Independent Artists III, Ghost Ambient, Kurdish Folk, New Age and Mystic Music PL, Cali Hiphop, The Radio Room, PL punk, indie brit post-punk, Native Tongues, Punk Rock / Hardcore Brasil, Simon Gallup, Crate Diggers, Beautiful, too, but not in such a constricted and narrow-minded sense as in other…, Hate Eternal Fans, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Emo-Rock-Punk, Real Punk, eroguro, Filk, cabo verde, Interview with the Vampire, 'Unsigned Europe', New Zealand Drum & Bass, English Eccentrics, Mauritius, Find new music by checking each others profile, The Motherworld of New and Avant-Garde Music, Real Journal Entries, Jean-Paul Sartre, Acousmonium, Pop Punk Sucks, NYC Hip Hop, Kurt Vonnegut, Coldwave, Post-Punk Society, "Without music, life is a mistake.", j dilla changed my life, Surf Roots Rock Reggae, Hip Hop Stoners, Eclecstasy, Punk My Pop!,, pop punk bored, The Neptunes, Art of Music, Wonky Music, Morocco, Chess Players, In the Court of the Crimson King, Romanticism, America is not only the USA, Experimentalists, Flag Collectors, NYC Rap, Wolf, ElectroPunk, Gustav Mahler, Irish Celtic Folk Punk Music Fans, Get a Life, Killing Joke, People With Crazy Sleeping Patterns, SKOLD, Indie Subterráneo, Brazilian Post-Punk, pop-punk defense squad!, Outsider art, 80's Synth and other Progressions, Maybeshewill, NSK DRZAVA, Bulgarian Punk,Hardcore,Ska,Metal etc., Melancholism, I have a very odd obsession with serial killers, transgressionism, Technoid and jungle drum and bass, Yes Im Awesome, madvillain, Linguists, Polish Bass Players, The Mothership of Hip-Hop, Lebanese On Last.FM, Church of the SubGenius, I don't understand a damn word but I love it!, Emo/Punk/Rock, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, network, Classic Punk!, INSANE Drummers, punk without all the fucking tears, Japanese Punk, Real Hardcore Punk, I Wanna Be Away From Here, Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Wall, I Still Listen To Vinyl, Astronomy, This Mortal Coil, Angelic Voices, Golden Age Hip-Hop, Audio♥Caffeine, I am literate, Artists who are users 2, Argentina Punk, Snowgoons-Babygrande, shitty punk rock, Meg White, WRONG!, .:!Egyptians!:., George Orwell, radio-shadowplay, Xymox, Space Rock - the cosmic sound!, Stop Iraq war NOW!, Peter Hook, Punk Rock Vids [dot] com, New Age and World, Indie, rock, pop, punk - Spain, Ambient Noise Horror, Goblin, All Types of Metal are Amazing, Bass Souljahs, Elektro Target, Punk Spain, Second Wave Goth, People with no real point in life, Black Sabbath - The Ozzy Years, Drum And Bass Bucharest, Drum and Bass in Poland, Altered States, Digital Black Metal Fans, For people who like to read Wikipedia, i cant live without punk rock, William S. Burroughs, Christian Death,, Jorge Luis Borges, Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip, The Drums, Punk & Oi! United, Japanese Music Dream, Agnostic Atheists, Algeria, Egypt, Ukrainian Punk, REAL PUNK old school and new, Hamburg-Punk, The Nekofutschata Musick Cabaret, Count Bass D, Female Bass Players, Drumatic. Never Static., Permanent Sleep, Cthulhu, Cannabis Corpse, I FLIP MY PILLOW OVER TO GET TO THE COLD SIDE, Discordians
Commenti in sospeso
Klaus Kinski, William Blake, Kalifornijski punk rock, Alternative rock, pop punk Polska, The Worlds Best Unknown Ska-Punk Bands, Horror Punk United, Silmarillion, Elektro Target 2, Punk Revege's, South African Punk and Metal Scene, Dream Dance, Chad Smith, Drum & Bass Industry, Metal-Punk-Rock, Andrew Eldritch, Fu Manchu, ELECTRO-BASS, [RMP], Syrian Music, Lo-Fi, Soulful Drum & Bass, indie España, Breton Music, Chuck Bass, Twin Peaks, Dark Drum and Bass, Potholes In My Blog, PUNK PORTUGAL, Hieroglyphics, Liberal Democrat Black Metal, Comedy and Humor, french electro-techno, Wolves in the Throne Room, Jello Biafra, Dungeons & Dragons, Austrian economics, Seekers of the New (Avant-Garde, Experimental, Pioneers, Hybrids), Stephen O'Malley, Robot Unicorn Attack, Brandon Lee, Marlene Dietrich, New School Electro, Sol Invictus group, The Chameleons, The Arctic Circle, I love Cuba!, Dario Argento, Hermann Hesse, We Hate "We Hate..." Groups, Afro-punk, OpenSource Audio, Nile, Cold War Kids, FlagCounter get new flags !!!, Indie Music, Serial Experiments Lain, Violent Femmes, Drummer, Daft Punk: Tron: Legacy, Vinnland, Die 1. deutsche Punk-Rock-Liga, anticon., The Internet is a serious place, Podcast!, Medicine Show, Star Trak, Anti-War, Pro-Kittens, mash-up, Detroit Hip-Hop, Persian Music, russian underground rock & punk, Black Coffee, drum n' bass, Alternative2punk, Bretagne, Screw Eminem Haters, Cardiacs, Addicted to Drum and Bass, Punk In Finland, Melancholic Rock & Metal, I Love Photography, Drummers, PUNK BLUES, Arab Scrobblers,, Stones Throw, I like my Bread Crusty, just like my Punk, scr.emo.punk.core, John Waters, throbbing gristle are more influential than the beatles, Gentle Giant Fans, German Punk, H.R. GIGER, 80's post punk!!!, Pale-skinned people who do not want to get tanned, Young Buck, Proto-Punk, Emotional Hip-Hop, Bauhaus and Related Bands, Charlie Chaplin, Synth pop, Anti School, Gothic Punk, Alfred Hitchcock, Gang of Four, Stones Throw - Poland, People are strange, Gimme5, Clint Eastwood, The Berzerker, Aquachipwonkcrunkstepdubhop, GWAR, New Wave of New Wave, Polski Punk 80', Foetus, Sociologists on, MELODIC PUNK PORTAL, Non-Mainstream European Folk Instruments, RapMusicPortal, G-Funk Fo Life!, Chiller Cabinet, From Synth Pop to Death Metal, Ska is NOT punk, Female Fronted Punk, Heep Hop, Jamaica, Punk'n'Roll, Japanese Hip-Hop (ヒップホップ), Nest, Albert Camus, Polish Crust, Anarcho-Punk, Grindcore, The Residents and Snakefinger, Art-Punk, Poetry, Litterature and more..., Electro Punk Dance and Trance, Charles Baudelaire, Klaus Schulze, Humanists, Pantheists, Fabrizio Moretti, Cabaret Voltaire, Fuck Tha Police, Wax Poetics, hip hop is the only thing that i eat for breakfast, people who wear socks while sleeping during cold winter nights so that their feet…, Against Discrimination, Weird Metal, Anti-Creationism, Voluntary Human Extinction Movement, Punk-Rock, Ska Punk, I want to get off this planet!, joydivision, Drone Metal, punk_hxc_dwnld, Charles Manson, Ralph Records, MALi KA Di !, Drum'n'Jazz, Brendan Perry, France hXc punk, Power Pop / '77 Punk / New Wave, Man or Astro-Man, BritPunk, Horror Punk PL, anarcho oi hardcore = JUST ALL PUNK, CZ PUNK, Reggae i Rock, that's punk, Second Wave Industrial Music, Spanish Punk, Skeptics, CANADIAN SKATE-PUNK, Gothic(goth rock, deathrock, darkwave, post-punk, cold wave), German New Wave, WWW.ANARCHO-PUNK.NET, CZ-SK punk rock, pop punk, ska, Daft Punk Disciples, UK Drum n Bass, William Shakespeare, Drum and Bass in Russia, Noam Chomsky, Thom's Wonky Left Eye, Dope Smokers Union, Technical - Progressive Metal, Odd Future, Punk Goes...., DancePunk, Scarface, Marquis de Sade, Jungle, Drum & Bass, BassHunter, Fretless Bass, Tunisia, Gothic Hippie, Breakcore - Drill'n'Bass - IDM - Glitch - PL - Polska, Internet, Virginia Woolf, Karl Sanders, Aldous Huxley, Oldschool Punk, Drummer's Area, New Wave Futurism, The New Scottish Gentry, .::PunkRock::. 4ever, Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol is our friend, Punk, Indie and Adult Alterative, Post-Punk Turkey


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