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Gen 16 2008, 11:53

Tue 15 Jan – Reel Big Fish, Streetlight Manifesto

I have not scrobbled a single Reel Big Fish track since I joined In fact, I have definitly not played a single Reel Big Fish track in the past five years (following storage of the majority of my cd collection), and probably not more than twice in the past eight years.

Yet, if was around in 1996, Reel Big Fish might still make my overall artists chart. Although I always prefered Arizona locals like Warsaw Poland Bros. and, uh... the names of the others slip my mind... my brief phase started with Reel Big Fish.

I saw Reel Big Fish for the first time circa 1995-1996 at the Nile in Mesa, Arizona. I picked up Turn The Radio Off without hesitation the next time I was at Zia (remeber the time we bought albums at cool little independent music stores). I saw them a second time in Tempe not long after. Now, more than a decade later, I couldn't help myself when I saw that they were still around and playing in Paris.

The opener, Streetlight Manifesto was so great it made me remeber why I have a trombone sitting in my apartment. I enjoyed it so much, I started wondering why I don't listen to ska any more.

The feeling ended when Reel Big Fish came on stage. I realized why I stopped listening to them years ago: when you listen to catchy songs far to many times, they lose their shine. The old songs of Reel Big Fish never sounded so old as they did last night. I thought of Gwen Stefani, who with No Doubt had a very similar sound at the same time as Reel Big Fish, but who has long moved on to new things... not the case for Reel Big Fish. It was amusing. It was fun to go back in time. It was entertainig to watch kids 10 years younger than me enjoying what I enjoyed 10 years ago.

Although I couldn't drink at that first Reel Big Fish show years ago, I could, unlike last night, smoke. The no re-entry policy of Nouveau Casino in light of the smoking ban is absolutly absurd. Boycott worthy. I have never seen such a thing.

Anyway, I took off thirty minutes before the end of the show...


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