• A new era for music

    Lug 31 2012, 19:59

    I feel that the era of music as a subject (or rather: a victim) of mass media is ending. People are slowly learning that they can have a musical taste of their own, a taste that potentially far transcends the generic tastes brought by radio stations, both measured in entertainment value and in aesthetic value.

    Leveraging on-line communities and social media, those on the forefront are slowly learning how to build a truly personal taste and how to find out in which ways several people's tastes are compatible. It is important that people increase their authenticity without instantly becoming eccentric, by being able to recognize commonalities even when the overlap in taste seems non-existent. In this new landscape, neither the fans nor the artists need to be linked to a social class or to a subculture. Innovative artists have shown that it is quite possible to mix music from different subcultures or even social classes, e.g. symphonic metal.

    We should encourage music enthusiasts to forego their interest in and knowledge of pop music, to expand their interest outside of their own subculture and spend some effort to learn about any and all music that they may like. We should encourage small-time artists to retain their authenticity, to engage in social media and to have patience and faith in finding an audience.