Teddy who?


Mag 31 2006, 11:33

Teddy Geiger

Teddy Geiger seemingly came from nowhere and most people would have no idea who this lad is.. for now, but i encourage you to look into "for you i will" and "possibilities" - a damn good listen!!


  • xxneisha

    Teddy Geiger is amazing. Personally, my favorites are... Possibilities, These Walls, and Night Air. I don't know about in Australia, but in the US he became really big really fast.

    Giu 1 2006, 1:34
  • bdazzlen

    Yeah, in Australia i could say his name and next to nobody would know who i am talking about - i dont mind it that way though... but im sure he will be big soon!

    Giu 2 2006, 1:09
  • spaz_92

    Who's that??

    Giu 27 2006, 10:19
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