• Wow!

    Nov 15 2008, 15:43

    Wed 12 Nov – Herbie Hancock

    Seriously seriously good stuff. Also quite an education in music :-) They played a really long set and I really appreciated every second of it.

    They played a piece in the time of 17/17, very complicated, really good fun.

    To be honest though, I'm not mad about the venue, unless it's a rave. They packed it out completely and it's really a clubby sound system, more about bass power than detail it seems. Much preferred the sound in Vicar Street recently for Al Green, much more detailed, really impressive.
  • Call for information!

    Gen 11 2007, 13:37

    Call for information!

    I've heard an album of there's recently, don't have the name but it's excellent! Who are these guys I can't find anything out about them anywhere! not even in the CDDB database!