Mag 24 2007, 11:05

    Wed 23 May – The Who
    the who were feckin brilliant! townshend strolls on stage at the sheffield arena, up to the mic, and says..."we are not the arctic monkeys" to a roar of approval. straight into anyway anyhow anywhere, and from then on you knew it was going to be a good night.
    the movable jumbotron screens behind them showing images from years gone by, the sight of moon and entwistle reminding us what has gone before, and the fragility of life. as well as the oldies, we were treated to some tracks off the new album too, including a run through the 25 minute wire and glass mini opera, along with some very striking images resembling banksy and jamie jewlett. poiniently, the very last track of the night was tea and theatre, with just towshend and daltrey alone on stage.
    the encore alone was worth the entrance fee, consisting of pinball wizard, amazing journey, see me, feel me, and the above mention new one! they have only played pinball wizard when i've seen them before, and i aint ashamned to say, the power of see me feel me and the whole "listening to you" finale, brought a tear to my eye! yes, i know. but thats the power of music!
    all the classics were there too; baba o'rielly, won't get fooled again, who are you?, my generation, eminence front, relay, and on and on...
    at 63 and 62 respectively, daltrey and townshend still hold the youthful exhuberance of the likes of the arctic monkeys, yet infinitely more talent, and of course a larger back catalogue to pick from.
    this was the third time i have seen them, the first since entwistles passing, and it has to be said, they just get better. yes, the bass solos are different, not as frantic, or as thundery, but who could ever fill those snakeskin boots?
    they still have dates left on this tour. if you have the chance, then go see them. you never know. it may be the last time you can.....
  • barnsley sime, live on radio

    Gen 28 2007, 9:59

    well hello there people.
    my name is sime, and i am part of a scooter orientated web site.

    and we have an internet radio station too! if you like the tunes you see here, then why not tune in.

    heres the link

    heres the list of live shows....

    monday 9am - 10am (barnsley sime)
    wednesday 9am - 10am (barnsley sime)
    friday 9am - 10am (barnsley sime)
    friday 7pm - 9pm (DJM)
    saturday 9pm - midnight-ish (barnsley sime)
    sunday 8pm - 11pm (spider)

    come on, you know you want to listen!