• To be honest..

    Set 12 2006, 18:36

    To be honest, Naomi's Fancy is my current napping music. So that's why I've played them so often.
  • Cookie-tin?

    Mag 25 2006, 16:04

    I'm hoping to experiment with making a cookie-tin banjo this summer. Has anyone else tried this? Do ye have any tips or suggestions?
  • Shoot

    Mag 24 2006, 19:20

    Well, shoot, I love stealing music from the library! It's great, since my favorite stuff, the stuff that's hard for me to get otherwise, all that bluegrass and Celtic and eclectic world stuff, is all at the library, for "academic" reasons.

    My new favorite artist: Frankie Yankovic! I've been getting into polka lately, and I can understand why. It's just such a fun, upbeat, "dance around with your friends," music. It's really very social.

    So. At your next drinking event: polka. Ee-eye-ee-eye-ee-eye-oh.

    And oh. I look great today.Frankie Yankovic