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Nov 16 2006, 10:25

I'm kind of sick of writing journals about the crappy music I hate, so I decided to write one about the stuff I like for once.

This entry is all about the stuff I listen to when I am tired or trying to get to sleep. I'll write about some, and not about others. In no particular order...

1. Mark Knopfler
I have been listening to him for years and years. My Dad is a die-hard Knopfler/Dire Straits fan, so he was always listening to them. Golden Heart was the household "eating music" for some time, back when I was about 10 or so (I am 19 now). I recently rediscovered it and still know a lot of the lyrics despite not listening to it for years.
I worked as a DJ for a while and one of the songs I played right at the start of certain events such as wedding receptions, birthdays and other functions where I'd have to play stuff while people sat eating was Sailing to Philadelphia off the album of the same name.
But the first album that made me want to start listening (again) to these ones, was Shangri-La. I went out to Dad's music room one day and he was listening to it. This was just after it had been released, whenever that was, and he started talking about it all. Christmas 2005 saw a "family performance" of the song Our Shangri-La with Dad on lead guitar, my sister Rachel on keyboards/auto drum track, and myself on rhythm guitar. It went quite well.
I love his music because a lot of it (especially Golden Heart) reminds me of my childhood.
Personal Song Favourites:
Golden Heart. Memories :)
What It Is
5.15 A.M. Dad used to sing this when he woke me and my sister up at 5.15am for boysenberry picking last year.
Don't Crash the Ambulance
The Trawlerman's Song
Our Shangri-La
Sailing to Philadelphia
Cannibals. More memories.

2. Ottmar Liebert
Ottmar came into my life via the DJ job as well. We would always play a song of his to start off an "eating" event. After awhile, I decided I liked it and started to listen to it. Then I downloaded more songs, and then I had the opportunity to go see him and his band Luna Negra play at the Wellington Opera House. The ticket was damn expensive (about $70 - this is a lot for a poor student) but it was amazing. He is talented. Very very talented. Afterwards I stood in line for half an hour so I could get an autograph (lol) and shake his hand. I felt a bit sorry for him when some asshole came up who had bought about seven DVDs and a million CDs and expected them to all be signed.
Personal Song Favourites:
Turkish Night
Spanish Steps (Rome in May)
In The Hands Of Love
Santa Fe
Snake Charmer

3. Ulver
More specifically, the album Kveldssanger. It's mainly instrumental, and it gives off a kind of "foresty" feel. Perhaps that is just me, I don't know.

4. José González
Recent discovery thanks to my friend Liam (JiveKitty)

5. Cat Power
Some. Often, her voice grates on my nerves and I get irritated. But she is very very good.

6. Mazzy Star
Very talented. Hope Sandoval and The Warm Inventions, similarly. (Same singer)

7. John Butler Trio
A million awesomes to my Dad for finding this guy.

8. Moby
Call me what you will, some of his music is soothing and makes me feel good.

9. Porcupine Tree
Not all of their music is good to sleep to, but the majority is quite calm and peaceful. See also Blackfield and pretty much anything by Steven Wilson.

10. Anathema
Especially A Fine Day to Exit except it is not the best thing to have on a "sleeping playlist" when you are actually asleep, cued to play after Ottmar Liebert. I did, and the abrupt change woke me up.


  • danielwinter

    I likes.

    Nov 16 2006, 11:23
  • misaki_suzuhara

    Hm. You imply people think Moby are... dorky, or something? [lol, dorky.] xDDD W00t, I must be a dork, then...? I like Moby.

    Nov 18 2006, 6:19
  • mbatterham

    I find quite relaxing. In particular Hiromi

    Nov 19 2006, 5:12
  • Grudniowiec

    I love this journal entry. This journal entry is hugely lovable. Jose Gonzalez starts being boring after some intense listening, though. But his cover allowed me to find The Knife, so I'm still keeping him on the playlist from gratitude :>

    Nov 27 2006, 10:20
  • JiveKitty

    José González and Emiliana Torrini are quite similar. You might like her, oh mighty Bandito.

    Nov 27 2006, 11:29
  • drunkenpunk

    Knopfler FTW

    Dic 29 2006, 18:47
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