• Rush concert in Rotterdam 17.10

    Ott 18 2007, 8:42

    Wed 17 Oct – Rush

    Being a life-long Rush fan, I could not skip the possibility of seing them barely an hour (by train) away from my place - so on a rainy october wednesday, I packed myself on a train and set off to Rotterdam.

    First of all, let me state one thing clearly: the sound in Ahoy SUXX big time. Way, way too loud - if I hadn't known all the lyrics, I wouldn't have a clue what Geddy was singing. Not to mention that anytime Alex started a solo, most you could hear was noise. And not in a good way...

    OK, enough complaining.

    They started with Limelight, which - coming from Moving Pictures - was an excellent idea. Then they went on with two tracks from the eighties (New World Man was one of them, I think), which I didn't enjoy that much. Personally, when I think about Rush, I mentally delete Hold Your Fire and Power Windows. Synth-based crap, if you ask me - with the exception of Mission, which was also played. Surprisingly, the live version made me actually start liking that track.

    Then they moved to new material, at which point I may start messing up the chronology - sorry for that :) From the new Snakes And Arrows they played almost half the tracks. Good news: Far Cry and both instrumentals: The Main Monkey Business as well as Malignant Narcissism. Those, along with The Larger Bowl rocked. Especially "Far Cry" was excellent, once they decided to do away with the 1980 (sorry: with this sound, the keyboard-guitar passages were kind of boring. I've got to say it, no matter how much I love the feeling of space in their music like in Leave That Thing Alone). This one really revived the show for me.

    On the other hand, what can I say... Sure thing, The Way the Wind Blows, Workin' Them Angels and Spindrift
    are all great tracks - just not very good for playing them live. No audible lyrics, repetitive chorus... Sorry, I was bored.

    Fortunately, once this was done, they returned to classical stuff. To me, the highlight was Witch Hunt - my all-time favourite on the album. Surprisingly, someone must have fixed the sound by now, as we were actually able to make out the words :) What else? The Spirit of Radio raised those of us still standing, Distant Early Warning was just awesome... My only complaint would absolutely NOTHING from Counterparts. Well, I guess you can't have everything. To wipe the tears, we got Circumstances.

    Clearly no concert of theirs can go on without YYZ, which - complemented with One Little Victory - ended the show beautifully.

    Sideline comment 0: quite an obvious one - but I really feel like saying it. Geddy is great with managing singing, bass and keyboard. Alex's solos were cool, yet not overdone. But seeing Neil play live, OMG... The things this guy can do with a drum kit, combined with the sense of humour (like scaring Geddy off with two crossed drumsticks :) and the powerful beat he gives to the music...

    Sideline comment 1: it is really heartwarming to see, that after all these years Rush still has so many devoted fans. All around Ahoy, you could see people in Rush t-shirts from old tours, back to 1987! Impressive.

    Sideline comment 2: throughout the show, movies and animations were played on the prompters. Some I found really funny, some - not necessarily (might be cultural differences though :) But the absolutely hilarious one - my personal fav - occurred just before Tom Sawyer, when a name "Lil' Rush" was displayed. Those appeared to be none other than the dudes from South Park with long-haired Cartman playing "Huckleberry Finn" and arguing with Stan about the lyrics.

    In general, 8/10. The guys are still great, having fun along with the audience and not sticking to a greatest hits formula. Even if that diverged from my preferences, I really respect the integrity. Go see them if you have a chance.

    ps. If anyone of the readers has been to yesterday's concert and realizes I have skipped some important (for whatever reason) track, write about it! I'm just one man who had a lot on his mind beside the show :)