10 More Death Metal Albums You Need To Hear, But Probably Haven't


Nov 16 2008, 0:57

Back by popular demand!
As usual, these are in no particular order of preference.

21. Cosmic Atrophy - Codex Incubo [2008]

THE death metal album of 2008. Cosmic Atrophy are a duo out of Houston that does what nobody truly ventured to do - pick up where Demilich left off with their legendary Nespithe album. Codex Incubo is a bit on the short side [just under 34 minutes if you count the outro track] but it does an amazing job of expanding on the ideas Demilich put forth 15 years earlier. Don't worry, though, it's not a clone by any means. These guys are already hard at work on their next album, so there will more than likely be plenty more where that came from.

22. Torchure - The Essence [1993]

Like early Morgoth and Bolt Thrower? You'll probably love this. Possibly the only one of the early German death metal bands not to turn assfuckingly gay in the mid-90s. Great atmospheric old-school death with both thrashy and doomy tracks, and a production resembling that of Autopsy's classic Mental Funeral

23. Cartilage - The Fragile Concept of Affection [1992]

This is an EP that was only released as part of the extremely rare split with Altar [HOL] but it's right up there with the very best of Finnish death metal. The overall sound is similar to early Amorphis and Demigod, but the songwriting is arguably superior to anything either of those bands had to offer [and that's saying a lot].

24. Vomiturition - A Leftover [1995]

Formed by two members of the aforementioned Cartilage, this band also served as a precursor to Rotten Sound [one of the best grind bands around], featuring drummer Kai Hahto [also in Cartilage], vocalist Keijo Bagge and guitarist Mika Aalto [also in ...and Oceans ]. The sound is a mixture of classic Finnish/Scandinavian death metal, but with a more pronounced Discharge influence, setting the table for what Rotten Sound would become.

25. Serpens Aeon - Dawn of Kouatl [2003]

I included The Chasm's Procession to the Infraworld album on the first of these lists. This album pretty much picks up where that one left off, albeit with an even more pronounced thrashy edge, while The Chasm's later records are more epic. Killer Kreator-esque riffs abound on this one. Hopefully a follow-up will come out shortly. They're well overdue for one.

26. Mordicus - Dances From Left [1993]

The fourth and final Finnish album [lol alliteration] on this list was just recently reissued by Temple of the Damned records. This one's more overtly melodic and accessible than the other albums on this list. Sounds kinda like a thrashier Eucharist. Very catchy record with tons of great hooks.

27. Disembarkation - Rancorous Observision [2000]

Being French-Canadian, it's obvious that these guys are technical as fuck. The band featured Etienne Gallo, who later went on to Augury and Negativa. Augury is by far the better point of reference for Disembarkation's sound, but they were very much an entity in their own right. Heavy doses of Atheist and Cynic influence and tremendous bass playing/presence.

28. Gorement - The Ending Quest [1994]

Remember God Macabre? Well, this is a lot like them. Same mix of classic Stockholm Death and doom. But this album is much more well-developed. It was reissued, thankfully, by Necroharmonic, a few years back as part of the Darkness of the Dead anthology. Well worth your money if you're into this type of DM. And yes, Bloodbath did pretty much steal their logo.

29. Antropomorphia - Necromantic Love Songs [1993]

A Dutch band that ostensibly got its name from that classic Pestilence song. This EP was their only official release, but it was a damn fine one. The Pestilence influence is obvious, but there are also touches of Bolt Thrower and Covenant-era Morbid Angel. DeathevokatioN covered "Chunks of Meat" on their full-length.

30. Algophobia - Algophobia [1997]

Only listened to this one a couple of times, but that's enough to know that it's a hidden gem. Kinetic Italian death metal in the vein of Atheist's Piece of Time and Death's Human with vocals similar to those of Necrodeath or Resurrection. I'll probably update this once I've listened to it more.

BONUS! Ripping Corpse - unreleased 1992 album

I couldn't put it on the list because it was never properly released [or finished, for that matter]. But this album would have been one of the best ever if it had been completed. Dreaming With the Dead was a great record, but everything that was great about it is improved several times over on this album. Just snake riff after neck-snapping snake riff. You can download it by following the link from my profile sidebar. One listen and you, too, will call Shaune Kelley your daddy. The rip also includes the equally phenomenal 3-song Promo 1992.

ImmolationIncantationVaderSuffocationDismemberEntombedCarcassSpasmeCryptopsyGorgutsNecrophobicNecrophagistCarbonizedCadaverExcommunionStargazerPortalAbramelinAdramelechThe FirstbornImpaledExhumedMonstrosityVileDeeds of FleshSevered SaviorDecrepit BirthVed Buens EndeDeteriorotGoreaphobiaTestamentTherionGraveCannibal CorpseVital RemainsSabbatLuciferionDeicideSadusObituaryRepulsionPossessedCarnageDrawn and QuarteredSentencedMartyrHypocrisyGrotesqueGod DethronedVomitoryDemolition HammerRevocationAngelcorpseOrder From ChaosAxis of AdvanceZyklonMalevolent CreationResurrectionEdge of SanityUsurperCeltic FrostEnslavedVoivodAnataIniquityDim MakMegadethCancerRuneRunemagickDeceasedMeshuggahGorodPsycropticCentinexCenotaphAncient GodsDying FetusOdious MortemBurning Inside!T.O.O.H.!Lykathea AflameAfflictedDarkthroneSotajumalaCauldron Black RamRuinsCatacombsDisembowelmentEvokenDark AngelSlayerNileMelecheshOpethCreepmimeSwordmasterAbigorNatronNeuraxisDevourmentOriginArghoslentAbortedSkinlessKataklysmInfernal MajestyOrphaned LandParadise LostSeptic FleshSatyriconDead CongregationDefeated SanityMorgionAtrocitySamaelBeheritBehemothThe CrownMiseryMithrasAkercockeIntestine BaalismInfesterMercylessLoudblastDisciples of MockeryMortemFunebrarumFunebreDisillusionConvulseRudraAppalling SpawnAnathemaKaamosAsphyxHail of BulletsDeathspell OmegaRevenantInternal Suffering

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Suicide SilenceCarnifexThe Partisan TurbineThe Red ChordCattle DecapitationBring Me the HorizonKnights Of The AbyssAnnotations of an AutopsyWhitechapelWaking the CadaverThe FacelessDespised IconThe Black Dahlia MurderAll Shall PerishJob for a CowboyAnimosityMisericordiamEmmureElysiaUnderneath the GunSee You Next TuesdayAs Blood Runs BlackWar From A Harlot's MouthArsonists Get All The GirlsWith Blood Comes CleansingBelay My LastPostmortem PromisesBurning SkiesRose FuneralSalt The WoundA Black Rose BurialWinds of PlagueKillwhitneydead

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[the deathcore faggots might actually learn something...]


  • ohiogrinder

    this is REAL death metal. none of that bullshit slammy lifemetal crap.

    Nov 16 2008, 1:36
  • RedArmada

    Have to say, Baltech, I appreciate your recommendations, but I like the Faceless anyway.

    Nov 16 2008, 1:51
  • AUTOPSY_666

    Pretty sure I turned you on to that ALGOPHOBIA. I love that VOMITURITION too.

    Nov 16 2008, 4:59
  • henrikmain

    Not enough SLAM FUKKEN DEATH, Tzimmy boi.

    Nov 16 2008, 10:05
  • stoli_

    CONTINUE writing such great journals.... THANKS

    Nov 16 2008, 10:18
  • DemonCashew

    I bookmarked this for the future :D

    Nov 16 2008, 11:10
  • nanjamonja

    Thanks a lot, the Mordicus record is really great!

    Nov 16 2008, 20:22
  • FromHeartache

    Good gems you got here. I am proud to say i have been here and bought everyone except the ripping corpse one...never got into them really. And Cattle decapitation isn't deathcore, its grindcore...but not that good grindcore as anyother grind band in the world.

    Nov 16 2008, 21:14
  • Unjesus

    Have you heard Miasma's Changes? If you haven't, you should. It deserves to be on this list.

    Nov 17 2008, 9:33
  • xNorbertx


    Nov 19 2008, 16:43
  • baltech22

    that's a lie

    Nov 19 2008, 20:05

    youll probably count me as one of those 'deathcore faggots' but thanks! I WANT TO LEARN D:

    Nov 22 2008, 16:58
  • wikuk

    "Being French-Canadian, it's obvious that these guys are technical as fuck." + "the deathcore faggots might actually learn something..." = True awesomeness

    Nov 27 2008, 22:08
  • PeaceThruWar

    Kinda late =P. What about Cenotaph's "The Gloomy Reflections of our Hidden Sorrows", Dark Heresy's "Abstract Principles Taken to Their Logical Extremes" and Crystal Age's "Far Beyond Divine Horizons"?

    Dic 3 2008, 0:27
  • moonbank

    Wow, lol, didn't recognize any of those bands except Disembarkation, who are extremely awesome. I'm gonna have to look some of those guys up.

    Dic 12 2008, 17:47
  • tomcatha

    Ill guess ill have to check these out.

    Gen 12 2009, 21:05
  • -Tormentor-

    Wow great journal! Some new names for me. I've to check them out, thanks man.

    Mar 23 2009, 19:18
  • Recapitation

    mmm.... Cosmic Atrophy, It's as if Timeghoul and Demilich had a baby.

    Lug 16 2009, 10:46
  • ObscenityZen86

    Holy shit. I know only Ripping Corpse :D . I suppose that I need 10 years to check all of III and IV league death metal underground bands :D. That will be nice kind of hobby. Cheers bro!

    Dic 24 2009, 20:20
  • BenDerBOT248

    Awesome fucking journal bro,keep em comin!

    Gen 17 2010, 21:36
  • ShockSim

    That Algophobia album cover is fucking beautiful. I'm gonna have to track down that release...

    Mag 31 2010, 14:27
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