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Ago 19 2007, 2:30

take your top ten artists here on, and post the first song you heard by them, the one that made you fall in love with them and your current favorite.

1. Courtney Love & Hole.
first: Celebrity Skin.
fell in love: Turpentine.
current: Heaven Tonight.

2. The Libertines.
first: Can't Stand Me Now.
fell in love: Time for Heroes.
current: I Get Along.

3. Metric.
first: Combat Baby.
fell in love: Succexy.
Current: IOU.

4. Ludacris.
first: Number One Spot.
fell in love: Spur Of The Moment.
current: The Potion.

5. The Gossip.
first: Standing in the Way of Control.
fell in love: first: Listen Up!
Current: Your Mangled Heart.

6. Amy Winehouse.
first: Rehab.
fell in love: Tears Dry on Their Own.
current: Addicted.

7. Lily Allen.
first: LDN.
fell in love: Smile.
current: Shame for You.

8. Le Tigre.
first: Deceptacon.
fell in love: Deceptacon.
current: Hot Topic.

9. Sublime.
first: Santeria.
fell in love: Date Rape.
current: Daddy was a Rolling Stone & Jailhouse.

10. The Slits.
first: Instant Hit.
fell in love: first: ping pong affair.
current: first: Love und Romance.
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  • azn_ghostbuster

    Daddy is a Rolling Stone is actualy Same in the End

    Apr 10 2008, 21:15
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