New buys - and subsequent listening.


Ago 15 2006, 13:24

Well, in reference to my previous posts, all my recent online purchases have now arrived.

Houjoue (Merzbow) arrived first, and then my package from Boomkat arrived on Friday.

So. It's all good. I'm half way through the Merzbow boxset, which has impressed me so far. The second disc seems the most accessible, with more rhythmic textures giving the ear something to grip on to.

Despite having received someone else’s order with the Boomkat stuff (and having to arrange to send it back - that's me good deed of the month - If my order had been sent to someone else I'd hope they would do the same) I'm pretty chuffed with everything. The Boats album is out of stock, so I'm still waiting for this, but at least it spreads the enjoyment.

I still need to listen to the whole of Victor Gama's Pangeia Instruments, but it's a case of finding some really quiet time - going by the first couple of tracks it's a beautifully intricate work exploring the characteristics of the artists home-made instruments.

Irritatingly, I ordered Venetian Snares's Higgins Ultra Low Track Glue Funk Hits on vinyl - which means I'm going to have to re-arrange some leads and get my crappy old Bush deck going before I have a listen. I guess it's nice to have a Venetian Snares album on vinyl, but it's hardly amazingly packaged. Ah well…

I've got to mention how pleased I am with the Mariel Ito (My Cyborg Depths) album. The first two tracks are just amazing head-nodding electro, and the album continues brilliantly in this vein. In particular, the track Satisfied Death is going on my favourites of 2006 list. Combining the straight-ahead syncopated electro sound with subtle processed vocals, it's too understated to be classified as electropop, but is a hugely satisfying listen. Great stuff!


  • tastyanagram

    This is exactly why I joined the IDM group. Thanks so much for the erudite summaries. Also, did the cursory top-music scan - Ali Farka Touré, Prince, Merzbow - nice! I'm trying to get back into my music scene (which equals many different ones), so I hope to get some help from you! Well done!

    Ago 18 2006, 2:15
  • bad_sector

    Hi there, I'm pleased you found the post useful - perhaps I'll write them more frequently ;-) I sometime struggle with reviews - it's such a personal thing, and It's sometimes hard to do the feelings the music gives me justice. If you catch my drift. Your charts are impressively eclectic too ;-) You also appear to be a much more prolific journal writer! I'll have to have a good read this weekend. I'll check out that mix-cd LiveJournal group - I haven't used my LJ for ages (moved to MySpace - ). Oh, and feel free to add me as a friend or whatever! - You've seen Matmos and Mission of Burma???!? I'm envious!

    Ago 18 2006, 9:02
  • tastyanagram

    Ooh, how fun. I've been neglecting my reply tracker! (I'm trying to be not-addicted to any sites.) Yeah, I saw Matmos at the MFA less than a year ago, and Mission of Burma at the 2004 Siren. Matmos was pretty good, although more boring than I had expected. Mission of Burma was awesome, although it was so hot I was afraid of passing out. You get compliments thrown back to you! Glad to provide some entertaining reading. Consider yourself friended! (Ah, friend-as-a-verb. More potent than heart-as-a-verb?)

    Ago 22 2006, 22:36
  • tastyanagram

    Oh, and two more things: 1. I know exactly what you mean about writing reviews - I'm a writer and I struggle with them more than with many other pieces of writing. I just wrote a pretty inaccurate description for A Grape Dope today. :-) 2. I haven't checked out any of yr work yet but I'll be sure to in the (near) future! I'm out to this show, though!

    Ago 22 2006, 22:39
  • bad_sector

    Ooh. I haven't heard of Foundry Field Recordings - but just checked out their MySpace. They sound good - enjoy the show!!

    Ago 22 2006, 23:30
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