• heaven?i would go through hell and back with you

    Feb 1 2009, 9:52

    (If Heaven was a mile away)
    Would I pack up my bags and leave this world behind?
    (If Heaven was a mile away)
    Or save it all for you?
    (If Heaven was a mile away)
    Would I, fill the tank up with gas and be out the front door in a FLASH
    Before reconsidering, this Hell with you
    It ain't you it's the things you do (do)
    It's tearing my heart in two
    I would of fell with you
    To Hell with you
  • Intr-o zi foarte speciala

    Dic 27 2008, 18:10

    Astazi am retrait amintiri... am simtit gustul trecutului frumos si am cultivat in speranta viitorului frumos... sper ca aceasta zi sa ramana forever speciala si sa nu trebuiasca sa fiu trist de fiecare data cand vine.
    So Today ... I don't wanna miss a thing but i'm missing my everything :(
    I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing
  • It all falls down ....

    Dic 27 2008, 6:56

    Can you forgive me again?
    I don't know what I said
    But I didn't mean to hurt you

    I heard the words come out
    I felt like I would die
    It hurt so much to hurt you

    Then you look at me
    You're not shouting anymore
    You're silently broken

    I'd give anything now
    to hear those words from you

    Each time I say something I
    regret I cry "I don't want
    to lose you."
    But somehow I know that you will
    never leave me, yeah.

    'Cause you were made for me
    Somehow I'll make you see
    How happy you make me

    I can't live this life
    Without you by my side
    I need you to survive

    So stay with me
    You look in my eyes and
    I'm screaming inside that
    I'm sorry.

    And you forgive me again
    You're my one true friend
    And I never meant to hurt you
  • Merry fuckin christmas

    Dic 24 2008, 22:33

    ok.i tried to drink my soul and my heart out today but all that came out was beer that i drank earlier.thats not right when i give my all and all i get now i pain and sorrow...although i believe in her still,i forget all her mistakes and i take the pain from mine... its not enough... i sit here alone at Christmas eve..it looks like the holidays just get worse but thats just how life is if you dont hold on to that someone....fuck me just another fuck explaining his thoughts... dont give a shit if nobody cares... i got friends real close friends but only she can take the pain away,the pain that i will be carrying all my fuckin life(whats left of it).if i am going to die tomorrow know that my soul is by your side(she knows who im talking about) and that my everything is yours and forever will be.my first journal,my first log... christmas eve... sucks without u.....