A History of Turkish Rock - Episode II


Ago 12 2006, 6:19

Well, it took longer than I expected to write this second part. I had a bunch of bands in mind for this one, such as Whisky and Ünlü. However, this will be (oddly enough) about a band that I had mistakenly (what a huge one) left out from my initial list. Here comes Mavi Sakal

Originally formed by three Tarsus American College students Tibet Ağırtan, Murat Tümer and Kaan Altan, the band had a quite interesting career. Unlike most so called fans know, the group published two albums before the famous [album]Kan Kokusu[/album] album.
After these albums, Tibet Ağırtan went on his own way and released two solo albums [album]Yat Geliyorum[/album] and [album]Kalk gidiyorum[/album]. Especially the title songs of these albums are definitely classical Turkish rock products.
On the Mavi Sakal side, the group gained increasing popularity with songs like [track]Basladim Yurumeye[/track][track]Iki Yol[/track][track]Ne kadar[/track] among the new generation with the Kan Kokusu album.
It has been more than 8 years now and Mavi Sakal is about to release another album finally. A glorified single is already out with the old Tibet Ağırtan song [track]Manyak[/track] re-recorded.
It is worth mentioning that, despite being called as "The New Vocalist" by some illiterate fans, Tibet just reunioned with the band. Also, there are some bitter discussions and debates on how Kaan Antan left (or being forced to leave) the band this year. We'll see what's going to happen but I should say that I am quite excited.


  • _moderngirl

    Interesting. :) These are still too detailed for my comprehension but I will study little by little!

    Ago 17 2006, 7:18
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