• I'd be a good stalker, probably.

    Mar 3 2008, 4:32

    Sometimes I look at my "Dashboard" and see what you all just listened to and feel like commenting on it, but then I feel, like, creepy, like I'm stalking you.

    Like "WOW I LOVE THAT SONG, TOO and you JUST listened to it." Like it's weird that I know you just did that, and it's like I compulsively refresh my "Dashboard" to keep track of all this or something.

    Or even weirder, sometimes I look at More Recently Listened To tracks, like when you click "See more" or whatever. And I'll see a song that no one I know in "real" life listens to. And then I want to comment even more, but that's even creepier because why the fuck am I going through your recently listened to tracks? Am I like IN LOVE with you or something? That's what you're thinking, I know. But I'm not. I'm just curious.

    But I'd be a pretty good stalker. Just sayin'.

    Love No (Delorean Remix)