Asgard Rock Weekly Review #13


Set 2 2007, 16:03

Saudações ouvintes!

No Domingo (02/09) tivemos um programa bastante variado a alguns problemas técnicos que foram resolvidos no mesmo dia.

Hail listeners!

Last Sunday (September 02) we had a varied program and some technical problems fixed in the same day.

Lista de faixas tocadas/ Playlist:

Primal Fear - Light Years From Home
Gammaray - Heavy Metal Universe
Manowar - Gloves of Metal
Venom - One Thousand Days To Sodom
Slayer - Kill Again
Testament - Trail Of Tears
Angel Corpse - Perversion Enthroned (order)
Celtic Frost - messiah (order)
Dismember - Shadows of the Mutilated
Gehenna - Uneartly Loose Palace
Caliban - It's Our Burden To Bleed (order)
maceration - A Serenade of Agony
Vento Negro - Centrodonte Triunfo Austral
In Memorian - As The Prediction
Bywar - Thrasher's Return
Windir - Sognariket Sine Krigarar
Textures - Young man
After Forever - Semblance of Confusion

Don't know what is Asgard Rock?!

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