90s all about the producer almost sci-fi always stuck in my head ambient ambiguous lyrics atmospheric audioporn awkward hipster dancing beautiful bedroom dancing better than the album version bizarrely underappreciated british band by candlelight catchy childhood memories cool party crazy covers crazy endings crazy samples creepy crush on a friend dance until you die dark glitter rush delerium vocalist disappeared dreamscapes dreamy driving away driving with the windows down on a breezy night drunk neon blur electroperatic epic ethereal fuck music getting ready for school getting ready to go out girl power goosebumps grab your hairbrush and sing greatest songs ever guilty pleasure happy like mornings haunting house of leaves i want to be a teenager again intoxicating it will come easily when you hear the beat just something about it life is a montage long intro love at first listen lyrical genius magic magical meditative melancholic melancholy middle school music for good moods music to drown yourself in a candle-lit bathtub to music to give you chills music to listen to in the dark night drive nostalgia oh god is this true right now paper writing music pining psychotic rainy days rap-along songs relaxing road trip to san francisco romantic tension sexy time shake your tush shave your head should be crazy hot sing along until you puke sleep songs i will cover someday songs i would love to be about me songs to fall in love to songs to listen to on the train sounds like happy strictly for lounging about and daydreaming strippers summer sunday morning sunday songs sunny swimming in the dark the soundtrack to my wasted life the trick is to keep breathing this is weird and i like it tracks i desperately love we are spies why be happy when you can be sad wistful