Radio Free Dominion 29


Mag 4 2006, 20:13

Otherside A good radio single, B-side How Strong isn't really anything to write home about, unless you like funk-country...

Out of the Vein Third Eye Blind's third album. It sold a few copies, I think. Actually I think it did go gold, which is sad to think that a failure for a band could still move over a 100,000 copies. Which is a shame as it really is a good cd. Highlights: Danger, Crystal Baller, Faster, Blinded

Out of Time Uh, well my first comment has to be, how is there no album art for this cd?! I mean, I understand on singles, stuff I have that's obscure... but wasn't this REM's most commercially successful album? Or at least second after Monster? On the whole I think I like Monster better, but there's still a lot of goodness on here.

Outtathaway This single has one of their best songs, Ms. Jackson, sadly relegated to b-side status. I've never heard Outtathaway on the radio, but I have in fact heard Ms. Jackson. The live version of Country Yard? Eh it's all right, and since I doubt they'll ever tour again, it's probably the most live Vines experience I'll ever get.

Pablo Honey So we've finally gotten to it. You know, in the scheme of early 90s rock/grunge, it's really not that bad of an album. In the scheme of Radiohead? Eh, all right, it's pretty bad, but I still like the majority. Lurgee has always been my favorite track off it.

Paranoid Android CD1 features Polyethylene Parts 1&2 and Pearly*, a pair of great B-sides, while CD2 features A Reminder and Melatonin, 2 good, but not as good b-sides.

Peel Sessions In theory it was a good buy, but it turns out I don't really care for Siva or Girl Named Sandoz. Smiley was decent though.

People Move On I'm quite conflicted on this one. Sometimes I think it's a great album, other times I just can't stand it and grates on my nerves like none other. Today I thought it was pretty good.


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