Cast Away The Clouds by Rose Melberg


Mag 14 2006, 4:36

I'm listening to Rose Melberg's new record, Cast Away the Clouds, her first since The Softies 2000 album, Holiday in Rhode Island. For those of you who don't know her yet, Melberg used to be a member of one of the most beloved indiepop bands of the 1990's, Tiger Trap. I always thought that they were America's answer to the U.K.'s Heavenly. Anyway, from Tiger Trap, Melberg went on to be a part of Go Sailor! (with Amy Linton of Henry's Dress and The Aislers Set), Gaze and the lovely Softies (with Jen Sbragia). A little trivia for comic book fans, fantastic comic book series Optic Nerve writer/ artist, Adrian Tomine designed some of the Softies record sleeves. Okay, back to Melberg. Cast Away The Clouds is a very intimate record, something one would expect from Melberg. Not surprising at all, but still very bewitching. Melberg's voice has a lot to do with it of course, sweet but not too sugary, gentle and delicate. Her songwriting has developed not too noticeably but it's a very subtle maturescence. Probably a result of her having and raising a child. My brother said that some of the tracks remind him of The Innocence Mission and I do agree with him. Simple, lilting, sweetly melancholic and with a minimalist approach, Cast Away The Clouds is a very tender album, one of the best of this year. Amazing, considering the fact that she was idle for quite sometime.


  • skorpinjon

    it's a lovely record. i totally adore it.

    Mag 18 2006, 8:26
  • artsyhipster

    you can take that as a compliment! =) you take me to new musical worlds i've never been...based on your recommendations. i'm still enjoying Trembling Blue Stars and Field Mice. Maybe, I'll discover and splurge on The Softies later.

    Mag 21 2006, 7:23
  • autumnsweaters

    Yeah, you should check out Rose's stuff. The Softies are for softies, like me. Oops. I forgot to mention Go Sailor, Rose was also a member.

    Mag 21 2006, 16:25
  • mooseking

    And of course Tiger Trap! Tiger Trap! How do I make a link?

    Giu 17 2006, 0:39
  • mooseking

    Oh, you mentioned them in the main thing. Ah, well -- ignore me.

    Giu 17 2006, 0:40
  • red_apple_falls

    I don't think Jen Sbragia was ever in Tiger Trap.

    Ago 1 2006, 7:56
  • autumnsweaters

    ^^You know, I think you're right. I may have confused Jen Sbragia with the Jen from Tiger Trap.

    Ago 1 2006, 18:24
  • mooseking

    Yeah -- Tiger Trap was Melberg, Jen Braun/Bruan (confusingly, the Internet cannot seem to decide how her last name is spelled, bur Bruan [i]sounds[/i] wrong), Angie Loy, and Heather Dunn. Of the last three, only Dunn (the drummer) went on to any other bands, as far as I know; she was involved in that whole K Records scene in the mid-'90s, and played drums for Dub Narcotic Sound System and Lois, among others.

    Ago 4 2006, 14:25
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