Need a Wedding Photographer?


Apr 5 2008, 7:59

My wife and I started a Photography business in Santa Barbara, California - we've got cameras and are more than willing to travel!

Our company is called Curtishots, and we specialize in Wedding photography especially. Please check out the blog and the site if you are looking into photographers. We are a great team, and we take wonderful pictures that you will love!

The blog:
Santa Barbara Wedding Photography PhotoBlog

The site:
Wedding Photographers in Southern California - Website

We've got a photojournalistic yet artistic style - check it out!




  • The_Impaler

    Well, i live nowhere remotely close to you but I must compliment you on using lastfm to advertise. Most intriguing. I wish you all the best of luck and keep those clever ploys coming.

    Apr 5 2008, 8:08
  • austincurtis

    thanks impaler - i'll use anything i can to get our name out there i suppose! thanks for the encouragement. taker easy my friend. if you lived closer i'd give you a band aid for that cut!

    Apr 5 2008, 10:57
  • The_Impaler

    Ha, I will do. And sadly, it took a lot more than band aids for that cut... Rough night :P Good times though.

    Apr 5 2008, 18:27
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